Every time I watch one of P&G's "Thank You, Mom" commercials, I get a little emotional, and while touring its USA Home in London, I was amazed to see that the company cares just as much about the moms in real life.

All U.S. athletes and their families are invited to the home to come, eat, watch the events, cheer on their son or daughter. They can experience the Games in a less stressful environment. It was amazing how dedicated P&G is to helping the athletes' families and making sure everyone has an excellent experience at the Games.

They even have put up pictures of the athletes from when they were kids around the home in frames to make it truly feel comfortable and like a home.

** London's City Hall has been transformed into the London House during the Olympic Games. The building is still functioning during the Games so two main areas have been reserved for hospitality. The ground floor has been converted into a lounge with refreshments and TVs to watch the events. Another floor has been turned into "London's Living Room" a great space for functions and entertaining. The main chamber has also been used for different programming.

Below is a wall display from the lounge area.

The art piece is a map of London and the River Thames made out of miniature toy cabs and double decker busses.


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