The decoration Ryan Lochte wore in his mouth after winning the 400-meter IM last weekend has gotten almost as much publicity as the one he wore around his neck. The diamond-studded grill, which had a customized American flag, was created by rapper Paul Wall and his business partner, Johnny Dang.

This week Wall revealed some of the details of the infamous grill. Wall, no stranger to grills himself, said this is the fourth grill he has made for Lochte.

This grill was hand-set with VS diamonds and custom red rubies.

As for the cost of the mouthpiece? Wall wouldn't disclose the exact amount, but safe to say it's enough to buy a sedan.

"Well, the cost can go up to about $25,000 for that kind," Wall said. "We didn't charge him that. We gave him an Olympic discount. We have got to take care of him."

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