Ryan Lochte's marketing push started well before the Olympics ended. In fact, it began before Lochte won his last medal in London.

According to reports, Lochte applied for a trademark on his phrase "jeah" on August 1. One day later, Lochte medaled in two events.

The phrase is as confusing as it is popular, but Lochte provides some insight in the video below. The swimmer says the origins of "jeah" lie in a song where rapper Young Jeezy says the word "chea," which itself is a derivative of "yeah." Lochte added his own spin on the word by swapping out the "ch" and adding a "j."

Lochte, who has been quite busy since returning from London, is selling "jeah" glasses on his website for $15. But before you buy, beware this warning: despite any resemblance to sunglasses, the glasses are not designed to be worn as sunglasses and they have no UV protection.

And wearing these glasses does not mean you can pee in the pool.

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