As exciting as the Olympics can be, there are some events which can be very hard to follow. Sailing tends to be one of those sports, but not anymore.

Irish comedian Chris Tordoff released a video this week in which he provides commentary for a recent sailing competition, and it is downright hilarious. Tordoff does not know any more about sailing than the average viewer, yet his lack of sailing acumen actually creates for an extremely entertaining three-and-a-half minutes.

Some of his highlights include:

"Belarus, not so good on the water it seems. Questionable human rights record as well for that country."

"Some mad man there going the wrong way completely. He doesn't know where he's going. 'Go back, you fool, you're not going to win any medals going that way!'"

And many other quips that are especially NSFW.

Is it too late to have this man call the rest of the Olympics?

But what makes his schtick even funnier is that some of the media didn't even realized they had been pranked.

Irish Central reported: "But when Tordoff’s mock-commentary of Olympic sailing went viral, most international media failed to get the joke. Tordoff was widely referenced as simply an 'Irish Commentator,' or credited under his character name of Francis Higgins from the Hardy Bucks. Many sources didn’t realize Tordoff wasn’t serious, while Buzzfeed wrote, 'I'm about 90 percent sure this is fake, but it’s just too funny to think it might not be.'"

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