Brothers everywhere could learn a lesson from Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee.

The Brownlee brothers, two of the favorites in the triathlon this week in London, have expressed their shared dream of striding across the finish line together. That way, they could both win gold medals. Sound crazy? Well, they've done it before.

But their dreams have been dashed. During a press conference this week, the brothers confirmed that they faced disqualification if they attempted to cross the finish line together. And if they were not disqualified, the race organizers would use high-speed photographs to determine a winner.

"It’s a shame," Alistair said. "I think it is absolutely within the spirit of the Olympic ideals but if it’s not allowed, it’s not allowed."

Disqualification has become somewhat of a theme at these Olympics.

First, eight badminton players were thrown out for attempting to lose their final group stage matches to gain better positioning in the knockout rounds.

Then, Algerian middle-distance runner Taoufik Makhloufi was disqualified from the 1,500 meter final for not trying hard enough in the 800 meter heats. Makhloufi was reinstated, however, when it was determined that a knee issue had affected his performance.

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