Sometimes, an athlete's seemingly endless training for high-stakes events like the Olympics can become monotonous.

So, in her preparation for the London games, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice decided to spice things up.

In a radio interview, Rice confirmed rumors that she took classes on a stripper pole as a form of "cross-training."

"I did do some classes," Rice said. "I made one of my family members buy me the pole because I was like, 'Well, this can be my cross-training exercises.'"

While it's easy to mock Rice for her "unique" training, she was actually very emotional in describing her preparation after several disappointing finishes in London. In fact, she is considering retirement because of the physical toll exacted by her training.

"I love competing and representing Australia," Rice said. "But if preparations are going to be like the one I just had, there's just no way in the world I could keep it up."

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