The Americans' Olympic swimming caps look a little different this year, and Michael Phelps is not happy. Last week the star swimmer tweeted a photo of the cap he and his teammates will be wearing in London: On one side it has the American flag and Phelps' name, on the other it says "Speedo."

In 2008, Phelps' cap had his name and the American flag on both sides.

In his tweet, Phelps conveyed his chagrin with the American flag only being displayed on one side of the cap: "We used to be able to have front and back side with flags but for some reason there are rules that tell us we cant do that anymore? Smh gotta love an organizing committee telling us we can't do that anymore"

With this and the recent wardrobe flap, maybe it would just be best if the Olympians borrowed a page from their predecessors and competed in the nude.

Now, wouldn't that be interesting?

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