Two young English boys decided the quickest path to the Olympics was to just hop in the torch procession and take over. As the convoy rolled through Coventry yesterday just after 7 p.m., the little thieves snuck their way past security and into the heart of scene, reaching up to grab the torch. They didn't exactly put up much of a fight to run off with it, but they did get their 15 seconds of fame.

It was hardly an international incident, but that didn't stop the requisite warnings that followed. A Metropolitan police spokesperson said: "Although there was no disruption to the relay, we'd like to remind people not to enter the security bubble, this is for their own safety as well as the torchbearer's, the convoy vehicles are constantly moving."

Still, the kids' effort was more noble than that of music star, who was too busy tweeting during his torch run to truly savor it, and topped it off by announcing plans to turn the torch into a lamp. Perhaps the kids were just trying to save the torch from an unseemly destiny in someone's ugly parlor room. They're heroes, if you ask us.

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