Brazil faces off against Great Britain on Tuesday night in one of the most anticipated women's soccer matches of the Olympics.

But despite all the hype, don't be surprised if the Brazilians come out looking a little tired.

The Brazilian team was traveling to Wembley on Monday when its bus broke down after 40 minutes. The trip would normally take three hours, but the team had to wait five hours for help to arrive.

And now, some of the Brazilian footballers are getting suspicious. According to the Daily Telegraph, a few of the women on Team Brazil have told Brazilian newspapers that the long delay may have been deliberate.

"It was a disgrace," coach Jorge Barcellos said. "I wasn't impressed, a tournament of this size, and the delay in taking any initiative to resolve the situation was absurd."

The match will take place Tuesday night at Wembley Stadium, where attendance could reach upwards of 70,000.

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