Simon Wheatcroft has been blind for more than a decade, but that didn't stop him from doing something most people can only dream of--carrying the Olympic torch.

Wheatcroft, a prolific runner, carried the torch in England on Tuesday with the help of the iPhone app RunKeeper. Essentially an audio GPS system, RunKeeper lets Wheatcroft keep track of his distance and location. It has allowed Wheatcroft, who is legally blind, to run alone on open roads, as demonstrated in his Asics ad below.

"With boredom as a driving force, one day I just decided to step out onto the road and run," Wheatcroft writes in Wired. "Feeling the camber underfoot and pairing that with distance markers from my phone, I ran the roads for the first time. Proving the concept, I spent the next few months practicing this technique through running into posts and obstacles and remembering where they were so I didn’t do it again! After a few months I had it perfected, and I was running alone."

Amazing. For an interview with the man himself, see here.

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