Generally speaking, carrying the iconic Olympic torch is one of the coolest things you can be a part of, but one American singer has big plans for his special piece of sports memorabilia. spent most of his time tweeting while he was carrying the Olympic torch around Britain. The Black Eyed Peas star told the Sun of London his out-of-the-ordinary scheme. "It's going in my house, on the wall. I'm turning it into a lamp."

Hopefully he won't ever need that Olympic torch to be turned into a searchlight for his career.

Aside from his music,, 37, is spending time in London as a celebrity coach on "The Voice UK." Furthermore, he's sounding a lot like a soon to be expatriate. "When I think of the Queen I think of my mum -- loyalty, perseverance and strength. I love it in Britain -- I don't want to go home.”

For the most part, the music star says his Olympic torch run has made him feel like an honorary Brit.

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