Many have heard the hype about how Jets center Nick Mangold's little sister, Holley, is headed to London to compete as a weightlifter for Team USA. But those not particularly familiar with women's weightlifting may be unaware that her fellow team member -- and competition -- 24-year-old Sarah Robles is the top-ranked weightlifter in the country.

At the Olympic Trials back in March, Robles had a snatch total of 251 pounds, and at the 2011 World Championships, she finished higher than any American, male or female, coming in 11th.

Robles' lifting days started roughly 10 years ago. As her mom, Joy, says, "I realized this was something she'd be good at back when she was 3. She wanted to carry the groceries into the car so I gave her a 12-pack of soda and she carried it no problem. So I put another 12-pack on top of it."

At one point, Robles gave up a track scholarship to pursue her weightlifting career. Her mom worried about that decision, but she trusted her daughter. "Looks like it was the right decision," they both say.

Indeed. Robles will take her talents to London in 2012, and her mom will be with her. Because of cost restrictions and family emergencies, Sarah's mom has only been able to see her lift three times before, but Procter and Gamble's gift of $1,000 to all Olympic moms will help cover the travel expense.

"And this is gonna be the biggest one," Joy says. "This is gonna be so cool."

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