The 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay hasn't even begun, but a world record has already been broken at London's Olympic Stadium.

Hannah Cockroft, a 19-year-old British Paralympic wheelchair racer, just became the first athlete to break a world record at the stadium. According to The Guardian, Cockroft was racing in the Visa London Disability Athletics Challenge (an Olympic pre-game, if you will) on Tuesday when she completed the T54 women's 100m in 18.56 seconds. All that, and she hadn't even warmed up.

The bus scheduled to bring her and other athletes to the stadium crashed, so they all had to get separate taxis. Cockroft went straight from the taxi to her racing chair and blew everyone away at the Paralympics trial. Cockroft, who has cerebral palsy, also snagged the bronze in the women's 100m multi-classification.

"I just wasn't expecting that," she said, quoted in The Telegraph. "What can you say? That's history made."

The world records didn't stop. Three other athletes, Michael McKillop, Paul Blake and Richard Whitehead all broke records later in the day in different classifications. Though clearly Cockroft didn't need one, it looks like the Olympic Stadium is getting its own world record warm-up.

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