Carrying the Olympic torch is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but even that was not enough to keep someone away from Twitter.

That was the case for music star The musician most known for his role with The Black Eyed Peas multitasked, tweeting details of his experience as the 109th torchbearer to his over 3.1 million followers.

In what could be an Olympic Games first, he seemed much more interested in the phone he was holding in his righthand than the iconic flame he was carrying with his left hand., 37, from Los Angeles, also paid tribute to the memory of the King of Pop, he briefly walked backwards with the torch, mimicking Michael Jackson's legendary moonwalk.

"That was like, a surreal moment. You know I remember in 1984, the Olympics in Los Angeles, and me being a little Will, watching it on TV, wishing I could be at the Olympic Games, and I had that flashback when they handed me the torch to run through Taunton. So it's like a blessed moment, and a surreal moment, and an 'I-can't-believe-it moment' all at the same time," told the Telegraph of London.

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