Americans are largely underexposed to the sport of handball, though, to be fair, it's possible much of the world is underexposed, as well. At the same time, much of the world has a grasp on the awesomeness of a trick shot, and the tremendous guts it takes to pull it off in a penalty scenario.

What does that all mean? It means you don't have to fully understand handball to appreciate how perfect this trick shot from a match between Norway and Egypt earlier this month was.

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The Norwegians went on to win 29-20, as part of two friendly matches against the Egyptians in preparation European tournament in Serbia. The clip also gives a taste of what Olympic fans can look forward to this summer in London, as handball has become a staple at the summer games. Qualification will take place from April 6-8 in Denmark, Spain and Sweden for the men and May 25-27 in France, Spain and Denmark for the women. Your defending gold medalists are France on the men's side and Norway on the women's side.

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