Prepare for a chance to own your very own olympic athlete. OK, maybe you won't be able to physically own Great Britain sprinter James Ellington, but you might have a chance to buy a share of history.

Ellington, whose training has been marred by a string of random injuries over the past few years, is searching for financial support to fund his Olympic push, and has turned to auctioning the privilege on eBay. The question for any potential investor is whether the money will be worth it. Unfortunately for Ellington, his times aren't the most reassuring pitch to bidders.

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Ellington's numbers don't come close to stacking up with the best in the world, posting a personal-best of 10.23 seconds in the 100 – half a second slower than Usain Bolt's top time in the event in 2011. His best time in the 200 is 20.52, which wouldn't even crack the top 10 American sprinters in the event.

But that's not to say Ellington's hopes are all gloom and doom. Sure, his times can't hang with the best in the world, but while qualifying for the summer games is a longshot, it's not near the longshot of winning sprinting gold. And what are the olympics about if not a dream and desire to compete to be the best? Critics won't be so kind, but quite simply, they don't have to bid.

Those that are willing to bid on the 26-year old, however, will vie for Ellington to wear the company's logo and to pitch for the company wherever he goes.

The good news for Ellington is that with seven days still left in the auction, he has already reached his reserve goal and beyond. So while some bemoaned the fundraising effort as futile, it's clear there's still some olympic magic left in others.

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