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    An Awesome Summer

    The 2014 NBA draft is drawing comparisons to the iconic class of 2003. Stars selected that year including LeBron James can test the free-agent market next summer.

The summer of 2014 will be an exciting one for the NBA, as many stars are becoming available via free agency. Plus the draft class of 2014 is already projected to be one of the best in recent memory, already drawing comparisons to 2003, which featured LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony.

Those three stars will headline the 2014 free agency class. With the possibility of a drastic change in landscape around the corner for the NBA, we take a look at the players headlining the summer of 2014.

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    Ryan Braun, OF

    Two years after denying PED use, Braun has succumbed to the All-PED team. At 29, Braun has 211 home runs, 681 RBI, 1,156 hits and 130 stolen bases. Before his suspension for his involvement in the Biogenesis Scandal, Braun's numbers may have had a path to the Hall of Famer. Now, "Fraun," the 2011 NL MVP, has a spot on the All-PED roster.

On paper, Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez's legacies should be that of baseball superstars. Braun is a five-time All-Star and NL MVP Award winner who has 211 home runs, 681 RBI and 1,156 hits before his 30th birthday. Rodriguez has 14 All-Star appearances, three AL MVP Awards, five AL home run crowns, 647 home runs, 1,950 RBI and 2,901 hits.

Off paper, both will never get the appreciation those statistics deserve. Both are currently among a loaded group of MLB players involved in the ongoing Biogenesis Scandal. Braun has already been suspended for the remainder of this season. Rodriguez, who admitted to steroid use once in 2009, has an apparent punishment looming.

Braun and Rodriguez can shift their names from Hall of Fame ballots to another list. The duo can be found on the MLB All-PED Team.

The following is ThePostGame's 25-man roster of the best stars to use PEDs. To qualify, players must have either admitted to PED use or been suspended for violating MLB's policy against performance-enhancing drug use. Many of the names linked to this issue like Roger Clemens cannot be included on this team, based on that criteria.

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It may not be a hovercraft, but Mercedes-Benz's cool new Vision Golf Cart could challenge Bubba Watson's BW1 as the golf cart of the future.

The proposal for this luxurious car was presented last week at the Open Championship. It was the winner of a design contest which included hundreds of ideas submitted by people across the globe.

While the idea of this vehicle already has golfers salivating, it is unclear if Mercedes actually has any plans to turn this vision into a reality. This is simply what a golf cart could look like if it was built by the popular German company.

Below are some images of the proposed golf cart:

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    Endurox Accelerade: Fruit Punch, $35

    Drink It Or Toss It: Toss It

    Coming in dead last, Endurox Accelerade received brutal reviews. It was described as "pink bile" and "vomit after a rough night of sugary cocktails and tacos." Each scoop of the drink contains 20g of sugar, five grams of protein, 120 calories, vitamins C and E, and other nutrients.

Every year, Americans spend more than $5.4 billion on sports drinks. Given the size of the market, it's no surprise that numerous companies offer their own unique concoction of vitamin-, protein- and electrolyte-infused formulas, all advertised to help revitalize and refresh athletes before, during and after a workout.

But with the rainbow of choices out there, how do you know which drink to choose? While your selection should vary based on your intensity of exercise and fitness goals, there is one criterion everyone can agree on: Taste.

Whether you want something sugar-free or isotonic, no one wants to pay $2.50 for a drink they’ll need to plug their nose to swallow.

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Therefore, when creating our list of the best and worst sports drinks, we chose products that cover the gamut, from recovery drinks full of protein to 0-calorie vitamin mixes.

To choose between them, we held a blind taste test in our office. Each powder drink was mixed according to instructions and ready-to-drink samples were poured straight into tasting cups. Our team of editors and interns then went to work, sampling each mystery beverage.

Over the next half hour, reactions ranged from "What did I just put in my mouth?!" to "Hey, that's pretty good!" In the end, we were left with a few beverages to recommend, and a whole host of drinks we will never pick up again.

We took notes and ranked the samples from best to worst. If you're curious to see which drinks came out on top, check out this slideshow:

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Monday was a rather grim day in the world of sports. Suspensions were handed down to Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun and Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde, while reports surfaced which indicated that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is under investigation by the NFL.

All these developments might have overshadowed what should be the biggest news of the day in the sporting world. A star was born in London.

As you may have heard, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy Monday, ending weeks of speculation and setting off years of anticipation.

Could the baby, dare we say, be a future Olympian? He wouldn't be the first in the royal family. Here's a look at the newborn prince's athletic relatives.

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Sea level is for suckers. And sailors. But mostly, suckers. Leave it far behind with these epic climbs, starting with inspiring close-to-homers, and escalating to terrifying closer-to-God-ers.

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Big money, high expectations and disappointment. Throughout NBA history you can spot the corpses of teams whose demise was linked to a free agent signing that never panned out.

Signing the right guy can send a struggling team to the NBA Finals while acquiring the wrong guy can cripple a franchise for years. In this new era of $100-plus million contracts, teams are betting their future on the ability to discern the valuable assets from the pretenders. The guys below fall into the latter category, and a few of them have become the most vilified athletes in the history of basketball, leaving fired general managers, broken franchises and rampant regret in their expensive wake.

Lolo Jones On Losing 'Bobsled Butt'
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    Red Bull Cliff Diving

    Cliff diving is one of those extreme sports that inspires foolhardy confidence in spectators: Watching divers take the plunge from a beachside bar might make you think -- especially after a few margaritas -- that you could do that too. But though they make it look easy, cliff diving is a sport of extreme precision and skill. Just check out the athletes at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, who do much more than simply get from point A (the cliff) to point B (the sea). After diving from their perch of between 85 and 92 feet high, divers display their most difficult acrobatic twists, turns, and flips on the way down, reaching speeds of up to 53 mph. The 2013 World Series will bring divers to destinations as far-flung as the Azores, Rio de Janeiro, Wales and Thailand.

By Nicholas DeRenzo
The Active Times

Hear the phrase "extreme sports" and you might immediately think of the X Games.

This twice-annual Olympic-style tournament, which comes in Winter and Summer editions, showcases the best and brightest in sports like skiing, snowmobiling, biking, and skateboarding. The events are understandably well-publicized, but they’re only the tip of the extreme sports iceberg.

Outside of these arenas, there’s quite literally a world of extreme challenges and championships, many of which you may never have heard of. In fact, many of these events take place in appropriately extreme destinations: Imagine running 135 miles in the hottest place on Earth -- in the middle of summer; or crossing an ocean using only human muscle.

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How about diving 400 feet on a single breath into the world’s deepest sinkhole, or surfing down the face of a 50-foot wave?

If these events sound death defying, that’s because they are. To take big wave surfing as an example, the sport has claimed the lives of several of its leading lights, and more are likely to follow.

If you think getting swallowed by a giant wall of water sounds scary, then imagine flying around a mountain -- literally -- in a wingsuit, or flying down one -- metaphorically -- on a skateboard.

But the risk of drowning or slamming into a mountainside isn’t the only thing that makes a sport extreme. We found one centuries-old precursor to football where brawling is encouraged, and another oddball competition where your worst likely fate is throwing your back out.

Far and wide, you’ll find athletes in peak physical condition battling the elements and testing their own limits as they compete to be named the fastest, strongest, bravest -- and perhaps the craziest.

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    Ernie Els, 2002

    In 2002, Tiger Woods becomes the first player since Nicklaus in 1972 to win both the Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year. Woods enters the third round two shots off the lead, but an 81 sends him to the back of the pack. On day four, Els finishes the final round tied at six-under with Thomas Levet, Stuart Appleby and Steve Elkington. Els and Levet tied after four holes, but Els took the sudden death fifth playoff hole to win his first of two Claret Jugs (Royal Lytham & St. Annes, 2012). He enters this week as both the defending Muirfield and British Open champion.

"I mean, look at the list of past champions, the number of Hall of Famers that have won here,'' said Tiger Woods earlier this week.

OK, we will look.

Woods is onto something. Muirfield has played host to 15 Open Championships and produced 13 champions. Of the 13 champions, 11 are in the World Golf Hall of Fame and 12 have won multiple major championships.

Nicklaus, Hagen, Player, Trevino, Watson, Faldo, Vardon, Els. Muirfield does not produce fluke championships. If the past is any indicator, one of golf's best will claim the Claret Jug come Sunday.

From a popular film character to a nude model, here are the past champions at Muirfield.

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    Justin Timberlake's Musical Number, 2008

    JT wows the crowd with a spectacular song and dance routine called "Why I Love Sports." Greg Oden, the first overall pick in the previous summer's NBA draft, accompanies Timberlake on the piano.

What happens when you put the world's best athletes in one place for one night?

Some laughs, some tears, but above all, some pretty incredible moments.

With the 2013 ESPYs set to take place in Los Angeles on Wednesday, we took a look back at the award show's illustrious history.

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