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    Namakanipaio Campground: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    Marked by jagged black rocks and oozing molten lava, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park boasts a notoriously rugged landscape. So it might come as a surprise just how cushy the camping experience can be here. In addition to 16 tent campsites tucked into a grassy eucalyptus grove, Namakanipaio Campground offers 10 A-frame cabins, which reopened last August after a complete renovation. But don’t let the relative luxury fool you: The campground is still close to the action, only a half-mile walk from Kilauea’s Halema’uma’u Crater, the home of Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes. $15 for tent camping, $55 for cabins, reservations can be made at hawaiivolcanohouse.com

By Nicholas DeRenzo
The Active Times

There’s no magic formula to finding the perfect national park campground. But with 59 parks to choose from spread across wildly different terrains, there’s certainly one to suit every taste.

You might be the kind of traveler who values proximity to the action, who wants to roll out of your tent and be within immediate hiking distance of waterfalls, canyons, geysers and mountain trails. Or maybe you’re heading to the parks with one very specific goal in mind: to catch a trout, to see a wolf, to spy a rare kind of bird only found in these parts, to summit the tallest mountain. Perhaps you’re a more seasoned camper who has already checked off every national park bucket list item and simply wants to find seclusion, privacy, peace and quiet. Or, then again, maybe you’re brand new to the world of camping and you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the relative luxury of a newly renovated cabin or cottage.

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The truth is, finding the best campgrounds is more of an art than a science. From Alaska to the Virgin Islands, Hawaii to Maine, we’ve collected some of our favorites. And we think we’ve hit the sweet spot—between rugged and comfortable, between off-the-beaten-path and accessible, between popular and underexplored.

One goal we always had in mind was to find those campgrounds that best deliver on the promise of the particular national park. If we’re looking for a place to stay in the Grand Canyon, for example, we want canyon views. If we’re pitching a tent in Denali, why not do so in the shadow of the park’s namesake peak? And at a place like Hawaii Volcanoes, we want to be as close to the geological action as possible.

Be sure to tell us if we’ve missed one of your favorites. Or perhaps you’re one of those happy campers who wants to keep your hidden gem truly hidden!

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College All-Americans swagged out in designer suits sit alongside mystified foreign prospects who've just visited Times Square for the first time. David Stern stands at the podium, leading the procession like it's his bar mitzvah. Each player goes up to the stage, then bends down awkwardly to shake hands and take pictures with the 5-7 commissioner. Throw in Jay Bilas' rants about wingspan, the last-second trades, Stern trying to pronounce "Giannis Antetokounmpo," the fans feverishly booing Stern before he announces each pick (and his sick pleasure of trolling fans for more boos), how could you not love the NBA draft?

But the draft is just two rounds. Only 60 players get to see their name go up on the big board every year. What happens to the players who waited and waited and never heard their name called? Most of them fade into obscurity, playing a few seasons overseas or in the D-League before giving up and settling down as a real estate agent. But a select few use this public snubbing as motivation, and eventually scratch and crawl their way into the NBA. Here are those players:

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    The All-Star Slice (Two Boots Pizza)

    Two Boots Pizza prides itself on a mix of Italy and Louisiana with a local twist. In Queens, Two Boots' "All-Star Slice" features spiced shrimp, crawfish, andouille and jalapeño pesto on grandma crust. The jalapeno pesto gives the already spicy slice an extra kick. At Citi Field, Two Boots also gets creative with the "Grandma Joan" (organic San Marzano plum tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and parmigiana), the Meet the Mets (Creole Chicken, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, jalapeños, ricotta and mozzarella) and meatball sliders on garlic knots. Special slices cost $6 at the game.

37,000 hot dogs, 13,700 soft pretzels, 7,800 bags of peanuts, 15,000 pounds of French Fries, 250 pounds of ice cream and 7,000 pounds of pastrami.

Those are just some of the numbers regarding how much ballpark food ARAMARK expects to serve at Citi Field during the All-Star Game.

On Wednesday, ARAMARK, the exclusive food and beverage partner of Citi Field and 10 other Major League Baseball teams, displayed those numbers at its "Culinary All-Stars" event. The showcase, held in the Caesars Club at Citi Field, provided guests with the opportunity to taste some of the unique items that will be on the stadium's menus during the All-Star Game.

Some products are available all season long and some just for the All-Star Game. Some are available at multiple spots in the stadium and some at specific locations. Some have an international or American flare and some are distinctly New York-flavored.

Many of the options on display go beyond stereotypical ballpark foods, an aspect ARAMARK Executive Chef Robert Flowers takes pride in.

"We want to show it's no longer about a cold hot dog and flat beer," he says. "We have some great options here and we want to be the number one food and beverage operation in all of MLB."

The food business at Citi Field can be a grind with the Mets in a bit of a downswing, but the All-Star Game will give Flowers and his crew a chance to show themselves off. So far, they have only had a few chances.

"When Harvey pitched for the first time, we sold about double the food we normally do," Flowers says.

The All-Star Game is a guaranteed sell-out, plus some more. ThePostGame had the pleasure of experiencing what makes up Citi Field's "Culinary All-Stars."

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The 2013 NBA Draft has a few notable players with skills that could completely change the NBA. And on this night, like on the 65 drafts before it, each team hopes to select a player that can transform its future. But once in a while that coveted prospect is overhyped, overrated and not ready for the NBA.

Here's a look at those players that were complete busts.

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    Joe Gordon to Detroit Tigers, Jimmy Dykes to Cleveland Indians: 1960

    In a move unprecedented before and unmatched since, the Tigers and Indians swap managers in August of the 1960 season. With both teams struggling, the trade doesn't immediately turn the fortunes of either. Gordon (pictured here with the Royals) is fired after the season, and Dykes lasts only one more year.

After haggling for days over a trade that was originally supposed to include Kevin Garnett and DeAndre Jordan, the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics finally reached an agreement for head coach Doc Rivers. L.A. will send a 2015 first-round pick to Boston and take on Rivers' contract. Coaching trades in professional sports are rare, but the deal sending Rivers to the Clippers is far from the first.

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    10. 2008

    It is still way too early to tell, but the 2008 class already has some meat to back itself up. Derrick Rose (No. 1) has an MVP award, and Russell Westbrook (No. 4), Kevin Love (No. 5), Brook Lopez (No. 10) and Roy Hibbert (No. 17) appear poised to be stars in the NBA for years to come. O.J. Mayo, Danilo Gallinari, Eric Gordon, JaVale McGee, Ryan Anderson, Serge Ibaka, Nicolas Batum, George Hill, Nikola Pekovic, Mario Chalmers, DeAndre Jordan, Omer Asik and Goran Dragic also have All-Star potential.

Some analysts say the 2013 draft class is weak. Others say it is strong. Until the draftees get a few seasons of experience in the NBA, no one will know for sure.

As for the first 66 draft classes, all have had a chance to show off their skills. Some have proven themselves, while others have not. Here are the top ten draft classes in NBA history.

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    1972 Oakland Athletics

    The 1972 MLB strike lasts 13 days and cancels 86 games. Since the league refuses to pay the players for their time on strike, the missed games are never made up. The most controversial result of the strike comes in the A.L. East standings. The Tigers win the division by a half game over the Red Sox, but the Tigers play one more game than the Red Sox. Detroit clinches the division after taking the first two of three games against Boston in the final series of the regular season. Meanwhile, the Athletics win the A.L. West by five and half games and beat the Tigers in the ALCS in five games. In the World Series, the Reds take Oakland to seven games. The A's prevail in Game 7 in Cincinnati behind World Series MVP Gene Tenace for their first of three consecutive rings.

The Chicago Blackhawks capped off one of the historic seasons in professional sports history with their 3-2 victory over the Boston Bruins on Monday. The Stanley Cup champions started the season with 24 games without a regulation loss. The title validated Chicago's regular-season success.

Or did it? One could argue the results of the season were tainted by the NHL lockout that lasted from September to January. The season was shortened to 48 games, and preseason rituals were out of sync.

The Blackhawks became the eighth major sports franchise to win a championship in a lockout or strike-shortened season. Each team experienced its own set of quirks, some serving as challenges and others as boosts.

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Things got ugly recently in Petaluma, Calif.

Some of the world's most hideous pooches gathered in a fight to be named "World's Ugliest Dog." Chihuahuas and Chinese Cresteds have dominated the competition over the past few years (it's not hard to see why), but this year a newcomer took home top honors.

Walle, a 4-year-old, duck-footed mutt beat out 29 other dogs to earn the crown.

"People come up to me and say that dog is not right," Walle's owner, Tammie Barbee, told the Associated Press, "but I love him."

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    Game 1, Round 1: Heat 110, Bucks 87

    9-11 FG, 27 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 turnovers.
    Despite issues taking care of the ball, James displays pinpoint shooting accuracy.

Save for a couple poor performances early in The Finals, LeBron James improved as the playoffs continued. His postseason numbers were a bit below his regular season MVP numbers, but he put up stellar averages of 25.9 points-per-game (on 49.1 percent shooting), 8.4 rebounds-per-game, 6.6 assists-per-game and 1.8 steals-per-game in 959 minutes. Here is a game-by-game look at The King's 2012-13 postseason, with his individual statistics and brief summaries.

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    No 10. Avoiding Pre- And Post-Workout Meals To Enhance 'Fat Burn'

    Think skipping your pre- and post-workout meal will help you burn fat faster? You might want to reconsider. While it may seem logical, you must remember that it's your total calorie balance at the end of the day that matters.

    Rather than denying your body the critical nutrients it needs at the time it's least likely to convert them to body fat, cut calories at some other point in the day when you just don’t need the energy. That will be far more effective

After getting your workout in order, the next thing that most men will start to do is take a look at their diet.

Diet and workouts go hand in hand in improving your physique, enhancing your health and enabling you to be better at whatever physical activity you choose to do. That said, many men are making some serious nutrition mistakes that end up costing them in the long term.

Let’s have a look at what these are so you can be sure to avoid them.

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