By Dan Myers
The Daily Meal

With temperatures dropping and the Super Bowl right around the corner, carnivores across the country are turning their attention to one of the most indulgent, fan-friendly, and popular snack foods in the country: wings, and Buffalo wings in particular.

As recently as 50 years ago, chicken wings were commonly used only in stock preparation, or were simply thrown away. They’re bony, fatty, and otherwise unimpressive when compared to the other, more useful chicken parts. But as the story goes, one day in the 1960s, the owners of Buffalo, N.Y.'s Anchor Bar decided to deep-fry some wings, then douse them in a combination of hot sauce and butter, and a national institution was born.

Their all-American status, ease of preparation, and the fact that they happen to go along very nicely with beer led to a massive surge in wings' popularity, and now you'd be hard pressed to find a bar that doesn't serve the snack (even those without a food menu sometimes ply their customers with free wings).

One other type of establishment where wings are often on the menu? Chain restaurants.

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In Pictures: Chains With Cheapest Chicken Wings

With the unofficial National Wing Day (aka the Super Bowl) coming up, bellies across the country are gearing up to devour mountains of flats and drumettes (the technical name of the two wing sections). And we all know that once the craving for wings sets in, it sticks around until that craving is satisfied.

We here at The Daily Meal decided to help you keep some cash in your wallet the next time the urge strikes, and have taken it upon ourselves to do some investigation into which national chains will serve you the most wings for the least amount of money.

We reached some interesting conclusions: For one, thanks to competition, most chains' wings are reasonably priced, and none overcharge outrageously (save for one). While some, like Cheesecake Factory, sell wings according to weight, most sell by quantity. And while most serve a set number per order, others, like Buffalo Wild Wings and KFC, allow you to add onto your order in intervals of five or six. Several chains sell boneless wings, but for our survey we decided to stick with the authentic bone-in variety, and calculated the price-per-wing based on the standard order of nine, 10, or 12, depending on the chain.

So read on, wing lovers, to discover which chain will provide the most wing for your buck.

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Just like coaches and players, we've been studying film in preparation for the Super Bowl. For example, what is the signature Baltimore movie? Is it Barry Levinson's 1982 classic "Diner"? Or perhaps an offering from John Waters? And how would it stack up cinematically against the definitive San Francisco film? And what film might that be? "Vertigo"? One from the Dirty Harry collection? "Basic Instinct"?

And how about TV? Let's get ready for the showdown between "The Wire" and "Full House" as well as other key off-field matchups to help forecast the Ravens-49ers Super Bowl:

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Three years ago, producers at Starz asked Men's Health to create a workout worthy of the name Spartacus, the network's hit original series. With the help of Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., an Ironman triathlete and 2012 personal trainer of the year, we did just that -- and it became the most popular workout in Men's Health history. Now we've made it even better. Cosgrove's newest version of the Spartacus Workout is called, appropriately, The New Spartacus Workout.

Below you'll find one of the workouts in the plan, the Triple Set Scorcher. It uses triple sets to fire up your metabolism and melt flab at a blistering pace. So prepare to sizzle and chisel: We're about to turn up the heat on your body fat.

 Perform the following workout 3 days a week with a day of rest between each session. For each exercise, you’ll do as many reps as you can in 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Start with Triple Set 1, performing 1 set of each exercise in succession. Rest for 60 seconds after you complete all three exercises in the triple set, and do them all a second time. Next, repeat the procedure for Triple Sets 2 and 3. 

Want to skyrocket your metabolism even higher? The Spartacus Workout is now available on DVD! You can get this workout and the never-before-seen Total Body Blitz in our exclusive two-disc set. Click here to buy it.

The final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, premieres Jan.25, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET on Starz. Build the body you've always wanted in 4 weeks with The New Spartacus Workout, now on DVD.

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Few, if any, professional sporting leagues have more marketable stars than the NBA. Basketball has gone global, and stars are cashing in on the sport's expansion. Nike, for example, sells twice as many of Kobe Bryant's shoes in China than in the United States.

Forbes recently put out its list of the top-earning NBA stars, and it's got all of the usual suspects. But a few players from last year's list (Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett) have been replaced.

Here's who made the cut. (It's another LeBron-Kobe showdown.)

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With the impending sale of the Sacramento Kings and subsequent franchise move, Seattle is about to get back into the NBA game.

It won't be the first city to lose an NBA team and land another one later.

Here's a look at those cities fortunate enough to receive a second chance at making basketball work. (Sometimes it still doesn't work -- see San Diego entry below.)

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By Lisa Hoehn
The Active Times

The Lance Armstrong doping scandal has not been one that's easy to stay on top of. From a large cast of players to ping-pong style lawsuits, “blood doping” to alleged conspiracy and coercion, "breaking news" in this saga happens almost on the daily. And given that, until very recently the pro cycling community was dominated by a Code of Silence, the world is one that we, the public, had known very little about.

But as of this week, it's confirmed -- Lance Armstrong, the public's ever-fighting, ever-denying, ever-Tweeting cancer hero, used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) throughout his cycling career. He told Oprah Winfrey, and the world will know!

This stark change in attitude came about thanks to a 1,000-plus page "Reasoned Decision" that was released by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in October, which lays out Armstrong's drug use -- what, how, when, with whom -- from his first Tour in 1998 all the way through 2010. This included sworn testimony from 26 people -- including 11 of Armstrong's former teammates -- and cited documentary evidence such as emails, scientific data, laboratory test results and even financial payments as corroborating evidence. And as sponsors dropped left and right, Armstrong was, seemingly, left without much choice than to come clean.

Click here for slideshow
Slideshow: Lance Armstrong Myths Debunked

Through all of the confusion, though, there has (unsurprisingly) been a lot of ... well, misinformation flying around. Myths, if you will. Some were started by Lance or his lawyers, others by his friends and still others just by the general public, but each of them seems to lend itself to a version of Lance that benefits exactly one person -- himself.

So, read for yourself. Lance Armstrong myths: Busted.

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By Megan Taylor Morrison
The Active Times

For some gyms, towel service is just the beginning.

Across the nation (and world, in one case), fitness facilities are upping their game to attract the most exclusive clients, including professional athletes, Wall Street gurus and celebrities. And while a membership will cost you a pretty penny (at Bosse Sports and Health Club in Subury, Mass., for instance, monthly membership is $389 after the whopping $4,000 initiation fee), you'll have plenty of cool new toys to encourage you to hit the gym.

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Slideshow: World's Most Luxurious Gym Amenities

Here's a look at some of the world's most luxurious gym amenities:

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The Australian Open kicked off this weekend, meaning tennis season is officially underway. And while much of the exciting action is yet to come, it's never too early to take a peek at the hottest looks from Down Under.

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Raiders fans will never forget it. During the 2001 AFC championship game, New England quarterback Tom Brady dropped back to pass and was leveled from behind by Oakland cornerback Charles Woodson. The ball came loose, the Raiders recovered, and the game appeared to be over. That is, until an obscure NFL rule -- now known to almost every football fan as the "Brady Tuck Rule" -- overturned the fumble call and awarded the ball back to the Patriots, who went on to win not only the game, but that year's Super Bowl. (Oh yeah, and they launched a dynasty in the process.) From clutch catches to fourth-quarter comebacks, find out what Men’s Health ranked as the The 50 Greatest NFL Moments of All-Time.

No matter how much football you watch, you'd be forgiven if the intricacies of the NFL rulebook still surprise -- or infuriate -- you. As a former referee and Vice President of NFL Officiating, Fox Sports Rules Analyst Mike Pereira not only helped write the rules, but he fields questions every day from his 100,000+ (often-confused) Twitter followers.

Here, he breaks down the 10 most misunderstood NFL rules.

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The Ravens-Broncos double-overtime thriller ranks in the top six all time of the NFL's longest games. Here's a look at back those memorable playoff marathons, including what happened next for the winning team after prevailing in a classic.

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