By Jason Notte
The Street

Stop your grousing and start sipping: It's finally holiday beer season.

Little more than a month ago we were just as dismayed by the number of wintry holiday brews on taps and store shelves as most calendar-watching Americans. We realize brewers have to get these varieties out so there aren't a bunch of spicy ales and tree-laden labels lingering around packaged-goods stores in January. We're also aware beer shipments that exceed 15 million barrels during peak summer months slowly trickle to about 12 million barrels in December and slightly less during the Thanksgiving holiday season in November, according to the Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

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We can even see why breweries would want to capitalize on the thirst for holiday beer as much as possible. About 92 percent of American holiday consumers add food and beverages onto their holiday shopping in 2012, but spending on that holiday party cheer has risen from $86 per person in 2008 to nearly $110 this year. That's a difference of almost a full case per person.

Still, with the fresh hop and pumpkin ales not quite finished, it seems a bit much. We left just about all of those early entrants off of this year's holiday beer wish list, a shame considering it knocked out our top holiday beer of 2011. In fact, nine out of our Top 10 holiday beers have changed for this season, giving us all the more reason to get into the spirit and make with the list already:

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With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to stave off those extra pounds than going for a run. Although it may be tough to lace up and hit the frozen terrain this time of year, breaking a solid sweat will help you feel slightly less guilty about all that turkey, pumpkin pie, and eggnog you're going to devour these next few months.

So to help you on your journey, we rounded up 10 killer races that are guaranteed to get you out of holiday hibernation. (For more ways to help your waistline survive the season, follow The Men’s Health Holiday Survival Guide.)

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with The Ultimate 5K Training Plan.

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In the spirit of Black Friday where everybody is digging for a steal of a deal, here are transactions in which one side got way more value than the other.

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Donald Trump wants to be buried at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., but if his plans don't pan out there, he has plenty of other options. Here's a look at the family of Trump golf courses globally:

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We've already picked the best non-NFL athletes for our Backyard All-Pro Team featuring the likes of LeBron James, Justin Verlander and Lionel Messi. Now we're going to put together the best group of celebrity football players that we can.

In this case, we'll be choosing one 7-on-7 team to play both ways. The tough part here when it comes to choosing an actor is to separate a great performance playing an athlete with the actual athleticism of the actor himself. With that in mind, here is our squad:

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Grain, NFL

For a championship-starved city, it may seem like eons ago. But in reality, the Golden Age of Cincinnati Sports was just about two decades ago.

In the span of three years, from 1989 to 1992, the Reds won the World Series, the Bengals played in the Super Bowl and the Cincinnati Bearcats advanced to the Final Four.

Back then, Nick Lachey was a high schooler at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts. Lachey went on to worldwide fame as a member of the band "98 Degrees," but he never lost his love for the Queen City's sports teams.

In an exclusive interview with ThePostGame, the 39-year-old Lachey relived his best sporting moments growing up in Cincinnati.

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Thanksgiving Day is traditionally known for turkey and stuffing, getting stuffed on turkey and stuffing ... and football. The Detroit Lions began this NFL tradition in 1934 and with the exception of 1939-44 (when the series was interrupted by World War II), they've been at it ever since. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys have also made Turkey Day an annual event and have been playing steadily on Thanksgiving since 1978.

There have been a lot of great games over the years, Bounty Bowls and Phil Luckett coin flips aside. Here are arguably the best of the best ...

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This Thanksgiving, as we celebrate pigskin feats instead of pilgrims feasts, talk about personal fouls instead of hunting fowl, and the hybrid turducken tries to usurp the traditional turkey, it may start to feel like the NFL actually owns the holiday ... but I promise you, it doesn't. The NFL has no binding contract with the Mayflower's ancestors to lay official claim to this particular day. We, the people, own it -- which is why Thanksgiving pick-up football games are just as much of an American tradition as the annual pro game in Detroit.

In towns across the country before the NFL games kick off, high school buddies, families and entire neighborhoods show up at local fields for their own games of pick-up ball. Some teams are set in stone every year, while others use a captain system or simply divide up the teams along the lines of what would be the fairest match-up (our game is always old guys v. young guys, with the age cut-off shifting depending on who shows up).

To this end, what if you were elected coach of the ultimate Turkey Day football team, and rather than having to pick from your group of friends, you got to pick any professional athlete to play on your team? Who would you pick? Of course, there are a few rules:

1) You can't choose a current or former NFL player (they already have a league to play in).
2) You can only choose two guys from any one sport (you can't just take the Miami Heat as your squad).
3) Despite everyone playing both ways in traditional pick-up games, it's more fun to pick an offense and a defense, so you can.
4) It's two-hand-touch football, with only one designated lineman on each side. The defensive lineman has to count to "Five Mississippi" before rushing.

We look forward to seeing some of your squads. Here's ours:

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By Will Budiaman
The Daily Meal

Nacho perfection, like other kinds of cooking perfection, isn't difficult to achieve. In fact, any home cook can achieve nacho nirvana. It just requires care and attention to detail -- in selecting the right ingredients, in preparing them properly, and in constructing the overall dish. It really is one of those things where you only get out of it what you put into it. With the exception of a few lucky accidents, few cooking masterpieces are ever created by throwing everything into a pot or casserole dish and sending it to the fire.

Such is the case with nachos. A proper plate of nachos has to be constructed. It has to have the right number of ingredients. It can't have the wrong proportion of toppings to chips, and it certainly can't be soggy. And it requires a bit of advance planning and thought. So how do you do it right?

Click here for Ultimate Guide To Nachos
The Daily Meal: Ultimate Guide To Nachos

To find out, The Daily Meal teamed up with Marlon Braccia, author of The Enlightened Cook: Protein Entrées, for some serious nacho advice. Braccia, an avid nacho fan, was passionate and opinionated about the topic and certainly had plenty to say.

What Is a Nacho? The bare minimum when it comes to ingredients, says Braccia, is "a great nacho chip and a great piece of cheese that melts easily." And if that's all you have, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you're a bit of a purist, you'll probably agree.

But, if you would like to have more to munch on, that's great, too. Check out what Braccia had to say about some of the most popular ingredients in the slideshow.

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of the Ultimate Guide To Nachos,
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It's not often that the leader of the free world is also a basketball nut. In that respect, President Obama is certainly unique.

Obama, who played basketball in high school and had a court built in the White House, loves the sport so much that he has an election-day tradition of playing a pickup game. The one time he didn't play, the day of the 2008 New Hampshire primary, he finished second.

"We made the mistake of not playing basketball once," Robert Gibbs, a senior Obama advisor, told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I can assure you we will not repeat that."

Unfortunately most of us will never have the opportunity to go one-on-on with the Commander-in-Chief. But thanks to a few revealing comments from those who are lucky enough to have seen him play, we can gain a better understanding of his style.

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