On Sept. 10, the Bengals will face the Ravens to kick off the 42nd season of Monday Night Football. During that time, Monday Night Football has transcended its status as merely a sporting event and has become a stage for some of the most important cultural events of the past half-century.

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By Jason Notte
The Street

A new football season is upon us and a new spread of football apps reinforces one essential truth about the NFL: It loves distracting fans from live games.

Football is the most exciting sport on the planet when something's happening. For every deep pass, big run, open-field hit and sack, though, there's an interminable amount of time spent lining up, setting formations, resetting after plays, taking timeouts and running to the outside for no gain. There are breaks between quarters, breaks for timeouts, breaks for TV timeouts, breaks for injuries, breaks for instant replay, breaks for challenges and a big break at the half.

The single most impressive feat the NFL accomplishes during the season is convincing fans that the brief bursts of action sandwiched between big piles of nothing is the game. Television makes that all too easy by couching games in analysis, commentary, quick cuts to the action in other games, recaps of other NFL games at the half and a flood of stats and graphics to keep eyes drawn from long walks from the huddle and quarterbacks ticking away the play clock seconds under center. The NFL even has a Red Zone channel that cuts out the tedium and shows only scoring drives. DirecTV takes it a step further with its Short Cuts channel that condenses all the action into a pre-chewed, 30-minute showing.

None of this helps when fans are freezing in the stands during late-season games waiting for the network to cut away from a Chevy commercial and let the game resume. For these Sunday die-hards and for their friends at home who can't suffer even a modest lull in the on-field activity, we offer seven vital apps, starting with:

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App, Apps, Football, NFL

By SportsandFood.com

Celebrity chefs Masaharu Morimoto, David Burke and Tony Manuano will be serving up some fantastic dishes at the U.S. Open this year. Here's a mouth-watering sample:

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Photo Credit: Graham Kates

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Food, NFL, Tennis

By ModernMan.com

Last year we dug up 12 hilarious old baseball cards that made us laugh for a variety of reasons: ridiculously named players, subtle vulgarity hidden in the photos, astonishingly ugly dudes. And since there are no shortage of baseball cards to choose from, we decided to come up with another batch this year.

We found more silly names and ugly dudes, but this time around we also uncovered sombreros, Zack-Morris cell phones, and a joke that was funny to everyone except fans of the Chicago Bulls.
'Lucha Underground' Launches In U.S.

By Jason Notte
The Street

The last time an NFL team relocated, Bill Clinton was just starting his second term in the Oval Office and the two biggest songs of the year were memorials for Princess Diana and Notorious B.I.G. Get ready for an update.

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By Katie Drummond
The Daily Meal

An estimated 73 million Americans attend a major league baseball game every season. Indeed, for many of us, it just wouldn't be summer without spending at least one afternoon in the stadium stands -- foam finger, foamy beer, and stadium hot dog in hand (though hopefully not all three at the same time).

But with big-league games come big-league costs -- especially where food and drink are concerned.

The average ticket for a 2012 major league bout will run you $26.98, according to a study from Team Marketing Research, and compared to the typical ticket prices for other professional sporting events, that's a bargain.

Pairing that cheap baseball ticket with nine innings worth of nosh, however, can slam that reasonable expense right over the fence. Major league teams have, in recent years, introduced a bevy of tempting specialty items with sky-high prices. Fenway Park, for instance, sells a $15 prime rib sandwich, while vendors at the Marlins' Sun Life Stadium want you to spend the same amount on a plate of nachos -- served inside a baseball helmet.

Click here for More Cheap Ways To Eat At MLB Games
The Daily Meal: Tips and tricks for saving on food at MLB stadiums

Even keeping it simple can get pricey: An average stadium hot dog will this summer cost $4.13, and a 16-ounce beer with run you $6.10, again according to Team Marketing Research. And let's be honest. How many of us are going to eat, or drink, just one?

Fortunately for thrifty baseball fans, it doesn't take much effort to scarf snacks and save cash while reveling in a major league ball game. Check out the following 15 tips for ideas on eating on-the-cheap this baseball season.

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By Tom Rotunno

The Olympic cauldron is extinguished and the Olympic flag has passed from London to Rio de Janeiro.

For the athletes of the 2012 London Olympic games, the results are in the history books, and for a few of the most amazing athletes, the record books. Now for many of these world class athletes, it's time to temporarily switch their attention away from athletic competition to the corporate boardroom.

Click here for slideshow
Slideshow: Most Marketable Summer Olympians

So which Olympians left their mark on the 2012 games and are the biggest names in business? What names will sports marketers and sponsors be looking to sign?

Here’s a look at 10 Olympic athletes you can expect to cash in between now and the start of the next summer Olympics. (Note: To be eligible for consideration, athletes cannot complete in a professional sports league -- so LeBron James, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Misty May Treanor are out.)

For the complete list of the Most Marketable Summer Olympians ...
go to

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CNBC, Olympics

While Yao Ming will always be remembered for his on-court accolades with the Houston Rockets, his career as a humanitarian may one day be just as notable, if not more so.

During the past few years, Yao has played in and hosted numerous charity basketball games, donated millions to an earthquake relief fund and led a crusade against the consumption of shark fin soup in China.

Recently, Yao took on another challenge. The 31-year-old, who has worked with the wildlife conservation group WildAid before, went with them on a fact-finding trip to Africa in which Yao documented the continent’s growing poaching crisis.

To read Yao's entire blog from his trip or to see more photos,
click here.
To learn more about WildAid, click here.

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Yao Ming

It is time to say goodbye to London, but here's one last look around town as the 2012 Olympics goes into the history books.


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The London Olympics are in the books, and we can spend the next four years gearing up for the party in Rio de Janeiro. But before peeking too far ahead, the Associated Press took a look back at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. There's always talk about the legacy of an Olympics, and what the AP found in Greece wasn't all that inspiring.

It reported that "eight years after the Athens Games, many of the venues remain abandoned or rarely used, focusing public anger on past governments as the country struggles through a fifth year of recession and a debt crisis that has seen a surge in poverty and unemployment."

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