Spoiler alert: Tim Tebow is not on this list.

Tebow didn't become the starter for the Broncos until Oct. 23, and a big final quarter of the year in 2011 wasn't enough for him to crack the Top 10 of most searched athletes on Yahoo!. In fact, no NFL player made the list.

Check out who did:

ThePostGame.com looks at the most indelible images from the great moments in sports from 2011:

We lost icons including Al Davis, Joe Frazier and Duke Snider in 2011. Here are some others, listed in the chronological order of their passing:

The 49ers have been chasing a new stadium for more than 15 years, and if they hadn't secured $850 million in loans from the city of Santa Clara last week, you might suspect Monday night's power outages to be a political ploy.

The lights failed twice, once before and once during the 49ers-Steelers matchup on Monday Night Football. What's better than a prime-time national-TV stage to plead your case that you're playing in a dump and need to get out?

But Candlestick, which opened in 1960, isn't the only sports venue to have high-profile embarrassments. The New Meadowlands, hosting a Cowboys-Giants game, suffered the same fate last season in its first year of existence. Here are some notable hiccups:

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By Ryan Glasspiegel

Ribs turn your typical Tuesday meal into a special occasion. When they're done right and accompanied by great sides (and an alcoholic beverage or two), they can lead to the best kind of food coma: one where you end the meal lying on the couch, finding the optimal position on your side to make having overeaten that meaty goodness comfortable.

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Slideshow: America's Best Ribs

The best way to prepare ribs is up for debate. They can be cooked in an oven or barbecued on a smoker or grill, via wood or charcoal. And every storied restaurant across the country has its own trade secrets involving seasoning, set-up, temperatures, and sauces. So coming up with a list of the best ribs in America is no easy task.

Regardless of the methodology used to prepare ribs, they're always messy enough to require a stack of napkins or a roll of paper towels. And when ribs are truly at their best, the meat falls right off the bone. So who makes the best ribs in America?

Cities like Kansas City, Memphis and Austin point to barbecue as a tenet of civic pride -- and they should, because meticulously preparing carnal delicacies is important work. Certainly, you'll recognize some big names -- no list of America's best ribs could, after all, go without mentioning The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas, or Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City, Kan. But what about Bogart's in St. Louis?

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The restaurants on this list differentiate themselves through overall meat quality, tasty sauces, and the manner in which the ribs are prepared. Some have historical legacies, while others are just getting started. All of them will leave you full and fulfilled.

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    Gilbert Arenas' 25th Birthday Party

    The talented and troubled NBA star spent as much on his 25th birthday party at Love nightclub in Las Vegas as he did on his Orlando homes shark grotto: between $1 and $2 million, says The Washington Post. The party boasted Diddy as a guest, but the grotto has a couch in it so Arenas can chill in the water. You decide which is the better investment.

By Matt McCue

By Matt McCue

Beef, it's what's for dinner -- at least if you're an NFL player fueling up. Polling teams' media relations staff members and city insiders reveals that their players, and visiting ones, like to eat prime-grade steaks and chops, and large portions of them, when eating out in the NFL's 32 cities.

Like their colleagues in the NBA, many NFL players tend to stick to the tried-and-true upscale chains, places where they know what they like and know they can expect food that, while it may not be inventive, will be reliably palatable.

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Check out where the NFL eats

Whether they're linebackers, wide receivers or quarterbacks, players know that these joints will have big portions of their favorite foods, and proteins of all kinds. Every NFL market seems to have a Ruth's Chris, Del Frisco's, Morton's, or all of the above. And not surprisingly, they are regular hangouts of the pros.

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But local establishments and non-protein centered restaurants aren't completely out of the question, either. For instance, when visiting Miami, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady likes to hit up Prime One Twelve. In Kansas City, Chiefs running back Thomas Jones is a huge fan of the barbecue chicken wings at Fiorella's Jack Stack. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler reportedly likes the retro steakhouse Wildfire in the Windy City when seeking out meat and potatoes, while Charlotte Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been known to fuel up on the all-day breakfast at the Original Pancake House.

Find out where teams say other pros like to eat in 10 NFL cities.

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