This summer's NBA free agency was expected to be centered on the formation of super teams. LeBron James opted out of his deal in Miami not only to test the market, but ostensibly to see what landing spot offered the best supporting cast after the rest of his Heat limped through June's Finals. Carmelo Anthony, meanwhile, was fielding meetings with already-stacked teams like Houston and Chicago.

But both stars ended up coming home -- Akron product James spurred the Heat for a younger, unproven Cavaliers team, while the Brooklyn-born Anthony returned to New York despite the Season From Hell last year. "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball," James said in a Sports Illustrated essay announcing his decision (lowercase d). "I'm ready to accept the challenge. I'm coming home."

It got us thinking about other NBA stars that could sign with their hometown teams in the foreseeable future. After all, the homecomings of James and Anthony weren't the only headlines this weekend -- the Washington Wizards declined to bring back forward Trevor Ariza as part of a plan to free up cap space for the summer of 2016, when D.C. native Kevin Durant will be a free agent.

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Kevin Durant

The D.C. born, Wale-collaborating Durant is eligible to come to the Wizards in 2016. Washington would have only John Wall, Bradley Beal, Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter and Martell Webster under contract. If Durant spends another two years failing to win a ring in the competitive West, a move back home to an easier conference would make sense. The Wiz can offer KD max money, a young core of teammates and an easier path to the Finals.


Anthony Davis

Perhaps even more likely to come home to Chicago is Anthony Davis. Back in 2009, Davis solidified his status as the nation's No. 1 prospect at Prospective Charter School. He would be able to leave New Orleans in the summer of 2016, when Joakim Noah will be an unrestricted free agent, Taj Gibson will have one year left on his current deal and newly signed Pau Gasol will be turning 36. Davis' defense would be welcomed by Tom Thibodeau with open arms, and New Orleans is still far from a contender.


Mike Conley

The Grizzlies point guard came up at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis. He'll be a free agent in the summer of 2016, when the Pacers are expected to have serious cap room as Roy Hibbert, David West and Ian Mahinmi come off the books. A homecoming in Indiana is possible, especially if George Hill continues putting up subpar numbers.


Kenneth Faried

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Faried could play close to home in either Brooklyn or New York. He becomes a restricted free agent in 2015, when the Knicks shed the albatross contracts of Amar'e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani. The Nets will need a power forward to replace Kevin Garnett.


Brook Lopez

Lopez has averaged an impressive 18 points in his six years with the Nets, but that's translated to zero playoff series wins. The North Hollywood-born big man is an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2016, and as of now, the Lakers are in serious need of a center.


Dwight Howard

Howard grew up in Atlanta, and went straight to the league after dominating at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. Hawks big men Al Horford and Paul Millsap are both off the books by 2016, the same year Howard has a player option in Houston. Though the Rockets are undeniably competitive, we wouldn't put it past Howard to bolt for another team if the situation presented itself. It's unlikely, but crazier things have happened.


Jabari Parker

Parker emerged as one of the best young players in the country at Chicago's Simeon Career Academy. He signed a four-year rookie deal with the Bucks last week, though two of those years include a team option. Regardless, Parker can sign anywhere in the summer of 2018, and if the rebuilding process in Milwaukee proves to be a slow one, the Chicago native can return home. As of now, the Bulls don't have a single dollar committed beyond 2016, and Parker says he is willing to establish his legacy in Milwaukee.


Andre Drummond

Budding star Andre Drummond averaged 13.2 rebounds in only his second season as a pro. Detroit can exercise a team option on him in 2015-16, and it can extend a qualifying offer the year after. But if the Pistons continue struggling to make the playoffs, the Mount Vernon-born big man may look to join his hometown Knicks. Carmelo Anthony and Derek Fisher will still be under contract, and unless Phil Jackson finds a long-term solution at center, New York will need Drummond's shot blocking services.


Kemba Walker

Walker hails from the Bronx, and if he doesn't sign a qualifying offer from Charlotte next summer, he could join the hometown Knicks or Nets in free agency like Faried. Though both teams appear to be set at the point -- New York just acquired Jose Calderon, while Deron Williams is signed in Brooklyn through 2017 -- it's not crazy to think that either team would reach for a local talent like Walker. He's already famous for lighting up the Garden during the 2011 Big East Tournament.


Klay Thompson

Thompson's already playing in-state with the Warriors, but the Los Angeles native would be a great fit for the Lakers or Clippers should he not accept a qualifying offer next summer. The Lakers have previously expressed interest in Thompson: He was supposedly going to be sent to L.A. in a three-team, pre-Draft trade that involved Kevin Love.


DeMar DeRozan

Compton native DeMar DeRozan stayed in-state at USC before heading to the pros. He's under contract for $9.5 million with the Raptors for the next three seasons, and by the time his deal expires in 2017/18, Kobe Bryant will all but surely be retired. It's anyone's guess as to what Los Angeles' cap space will look like in three years, but the Lakers will offer a strong recruiting pitch to haul in a new superstar scorer. It's certainly feasible.


Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol was born in Barcelona but spent his teenage years in Germantown, Tennessee. He played high school ball in Memphis, and has averaged more than 13 points a game in six seasons for the Grizzlies. The former Defensive Player of the Year will be a free agent at the end of this coming season, and a premium center like Gasol will be heavily recruited by major market suitors. We like his chances of staying home, though: Gasol told the Memphis Commercial Appeal earlier this year that he would like to resign with the Grizz.

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