This summer's NBA free agency was expected to be centered on the formation of super teams. LeBron James opted out of his deal in Miami not only to test the market, but ostensibly to see what landing spot offered the best supporting cast after the rest of his Heat limped through June's Finals. Carmelo Anthony, meanwhile, was fielding meetings with already-stacked teams like Houston and Chicago.

But both stars ended up coming home -- Akron product James spurred the Heat for a younger, unproven Cavaliers team, while the Brooklyn-born Anthony returned to New York despite the Season From Hell last year. "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball," James said in a Sports Illustrated essay announcing his decision (lowercase d). "I'm ready to accept the challenge. I'm coming home."

It got us thinking about other NBA stars that could sign with their hometown teams in the foreseeable future. After all, the homecomings of James and Anthony weren't the only headlines this weekend -- the Washington Wizards declined to bring back forward Trevor Ariza as part of a plan to free up cap space for the summer of 2016, when D.C. native Kevin Durant will be a free agent.

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