On June 17, 1994, news and the sports world collided. O.J. Simpson, the Heisman Trophy winner turned Pro Football Hall of Famer turned actor turned broadcaster, was the main suspect of the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman. Simpson was allowed to turn himself in by 11 a.m. PT, but he failed to do so. What ensued was a day-long search by the Los Angeles police to find Simpson, capped off by a car chase between LAPD and Simpson's Ford Bronco.

Meanwhile, the sports world was making history that would have been newsworthy anyway. June 17, 1994, was no innocent Friday. New York City was buzzing over the prospect of dual NHL and NBA champions, the FIFA World Cup made its debut on American soil, Arnold Palmer played his final U.S. Open hole and MLB was on the verge of its darkest hour.

The O.J. Simpson chase, along with the rest of the active sports day, created one of the most meaningful days in American sports.

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