In some ways, the NFL draft has become the sports equivalent to the Oscars red carpet when it comes to making fashion statements. Draft prospects aren't just grabbing any old suit from the closet these days. They work with professional clothing experts to make sure they're in fine style on draft night at Radio City in New York.

Élevée Lifestyle is a company that handles clothing for NFL stars such as Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald, and it starts developing these relationships in advance of the draft. Same with the NBA.

Élevée worked with 16 of the 32 players taken in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday including Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack, Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins and Alabama safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dixon.

Élevée president Percy Knox says typically players look at fashion magazines and then talk it over with the designer to figure a style that best works for them. "Most everyone was flexible with the process," Knox says. "Since Elevée has won 'best dressed' with GQ and Esquire, the players know we will take care of them."

NFL Draft 2014: Checking Out The Styles Slideshow


Jadeveon Clowney

Lots of action here, which seems fitting for Clowney, with pinstripes on the suit, dots on the tie and a different color for the pocket square.


Greg Robinson

It's not easy for a 6-foot-5, 300 pounder to look dapper, but this polka dot shirt, bow tie and grey jacket do the trick for the No. 2 overall pick.


Blake Bortles

Polka dots are in this year. Bortles followed in Clowney and Robinson's footsteps by featuring dots on his outfit. He matched the blue tie with a blue blazer and blue-tipped pocket square.


Sammy Watkins

Not only does the Clemson receiver flash the school color with his tie, he has the logo as a lapel pin.


Khalil Mack

The linebacker from Buffalo opts for a variation of the red, white and blue theme.


Jake Matthews

You have to love the Texas A&M tackle coming strong with the vest.


Mike Evans

The Texas A&M wide receiver was on the money with a red and black look that matches the colors of his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Justin Gilbert

The Oklahoma State cornerback matches his red tie with a red handkerchief. Had he worn college colors, he would have matched with his new jersey (Rickie Fowler shakes his head).


Eric Ebron

Hour earlier, the North Carolina tight end proposed to his girlfriend at the top of the Empire State Building. Here, he matches his gray suit with Barry Sanders, another former first round pick of the Lions.


Taylor Lewan

It's not exactly maize and blue, but the Michigan offensive tackle pulls off gold and blue.


Odell Beckham Jr.

The hipster bow tie and plaid suit shows the LSU wide receiver will fit right in with the skyscrapers of New York.


Kyle Fuller

The Virginia Tech cornerback goes with a patriotic red, white and blue look. Blackhawks fans should take the tie/handkerchief combo as a good omen.


Ryan Shazier

The Ohio State linebacker goes blue suit and blue tie. That's one way to win over Penn State fans.


C.J. Mosley

The Alabama linebacker's colorful bow tie is bold, but it's nothing compared to his suit, which is dangerously close to Steelers colors.


Calvin Pryor

The pinstripes are flashy, but Pryor will have to get more creative to overtake Rex Ryan in the New York tabloids.


Brandin Cooks

The Oregon State wide receiver keeps it simple with a gray suit and purple tie.


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

The red suit may common at Alabama, but the safety's look is new to Green Bay. The bow tie is a good complement to the beard.


Johnny Manziel

It took awhile, but when the Texas A&M quarterback was drafted at No. 22, he showed up his blue suit. He also infers it was not cheap.


Jason Verrett

The TCU cornerback went with an all-black outfit. Could it foreshadow a dark horse selection at No. 25?


Bradley Roby

That orange will make anything pop, and the gray suit especially shines with Broncos colors. On the other hand, the burgundy tie may not have been ready for a bright orange contrast.


Teddy Bridgewater

The Louisville quarterback takes a conservative approach with the grey suit and white shirt, but rocks his school color with his tie.


Jordan Matthews

Gives the Vanderbilt receiver some points for lively colors on the bow tie and pocket square.


Marcus Martin

The USC center goes for the contrast in colors between his jacket and shirt.

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