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Surely it's a question you're asking right about now. Last we checked Paulina Gretzky hasn't earned her tour card, and the promising golf swing we saw on video earlier this year still isn't one we're holding up as the ideal.

Nonetheless, 25-year-old Paulina, daughter of hockey great Wayne, fiancee of PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson, is a certified celebrity within the golf world, as much a subject of fascination at tournaments as the guy she's there watching. Now factor in that she's an attractive, fit woman who -- like many of our prospective readers -- is fairly new to golf, and she seemed a natural cover subject for our second annual issue devoted to fitness.

"Sports figures, celebrities and models have appeared on Golf Digest covers since the magazine's beginning," Golf Digest Editor-in-Chief Jerry Tarde said. "Paulina ranks at the high end of the golf celebrity scene today, and she has a compelling story to tell. She also might get some new people interested in the game."

The May issue, in which Gretzky demonstrates six golf-improvement exercises and discusses her myriad connections to the sports world, will be available in tablet edition April 8, and on newsstands April 15.

What's Paulina Gretzky Doing On The Cover Of Golf Digest Magazine? Slideshow


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

"The truth is, I was a total tomboy and loved sports. Dad always says I was his best athlete. I played softball until the eighth grade, and that's when I said, 'Dad, stop. I'm a girl.'"


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

On balancing fitness with fun: Dustin and I are very realistic about not letting diet and exercise consume our lives. We're very pro-being healthy and being fit, but we're also very "pro-you have one life to live so have a fun life."


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

"People tend to forget about stretching and underestimate how important it is when working out, but it's extremely important. For men and for women. Dustin has shown me how stretching really elongates your limbs and makes everything come together the way it's supposed to."


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

On her secret to staying fit: First of all, I was blessed with incredible genes. Look at my parents! But it's really 70-percent diet and 30-percent working out. It's all about fitting in some exercise wherever you are.


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

On her growing interest in golf: I was laughing about this the other day with mom. I was like, "Mom, I caught myself watching the Golf Channel." I've done it so many times now. But I enjoy it. I really do. I'll watch the tournaments.


Paulina Gretzky, Golf Digest

The May issue will be available in tablet edition April 8, and on newsstands April 15.

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