Although GQ has compiled a list of American sports pilgrimages that every man should it make, it also suggests not getting too caught up in the quasi-religious experience that might be associated with it. Not that it would be too tough, but the key is having fun. Here is an excerpt of their selections, recommendations and analysis:

Masters, Texas-Oklahoma And More: Sports Pilgrimages For Every Man Slideshow


Texas-Oklahoma Football

"Make sure to call it by its proper name, the Red River Shootout." -- Joe Nick Patoski


Staples Center

"When it's the Lakers, it looks like a place where stars would come. When it's the Clippers, it looks like a high school gymnasium." -- Stephen A. Smith


Punking The Masters

"In addition to cell phones, cameras, loud talking, and general human mirth, the Masters forbids running. I swear that's true. Jesus, these people. Anyway, the gates to the course open at 8 a.m. with patrons lining up hours beforehand to get in. Arrive at six, and when the gates open, smoke the field with your extreme power-walkin' skills. Throw a few elbows as you go. Somebody has to liven up this morgue." -- Drew Magary


Kansas' Allen Fieldhouse

"Everything about the Kansas Jayhawks' home court evokes another time. For starters it's an actual field house, with windows and rafters and bench seating. The building always smells a little bit like popcorn and beer. It gets so hot the walls seem to sweat.” -- Joe Posnanski


Boston Marathon

"History will be respected, remembered, and remade. And pilgrims from all over the world will gather to shake hands, slap hands, bump fists, and say -- in so many words or none at all -- Here we are.” -- Dennis Lehane


LSU's Tiger Stadium

"It's what you would expect out of Baton Rouge: people tailgating with shrimp etouffee, everything from alligators roasting on barbeque to dishes that you would get in the French Quarter." -- Erin Andrews


Arrowhead Stadium Parking Lot

"One of the NFL's greatest scenes belongs to Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium for a Chiefs game -- and you can skip the game itself. The draw is the pre-game parking lot." -- Joe Posnanski


Lambeau Field

"Seek out a friendly drunk person in the parking lot ladling out the hearty chicken stew known as 'booyah.' See the game. Genuflect. Chestbump Lil Wayne. Make someone sober schlep you back home." -- Jeff Johnson


Wrigley Field

"Even an antiquated Wrigley Field is still the most charming big-league ballpark. Unless three hours surrounded by Bud Light-pickled frat slabs is your idea of a bucket-list trip, skip the famed outfield bleachers atop the ivy. Instead, sit along the infield walls, or in the outfield club box that made Steve Bartman famous." -- Jeff Johnson

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