As a dietitian, I'm always asked how much protein I recommend.

It's somewhat of a loaded question as it's not so cut and dry. The recommended daily amount (RDA) of protein is low -- 56 grams (g) -- for a 150 pound guy, but recent research has shown that doubling -- or even tripling -- your protein intake might be more beneficial for fat loss and muscle preservation for guys. So the question shouldn't be just how much protein a person should eat, but exactly how you can up your daily amount in accessible ways.

Most people I meet eat a protein-heavy dinner and a relatively low-protein breakfast. (I'm talking about that morning coffee and a scone.) We need to balance this intake more at all three meals, before and after workouts, and, yes, even as you snack. (Before you chow down, read up on The Truth about Protein.)

Add these items to your fridge at home or desk at work to pick up the pace when it comes to fueling yourself with protein.

Sports nutritionist Christopher Mohr, Ph.D., is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. Through his company Mohr Results, Inc., he helps all types of individuals and athletes achieve their diet and nutrition goals.

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