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Did you know rotating among three or four pairs of sneakers reduces running injuries by 39 percent? It's true, finds a study published in Sports Medicine Research Laboratory in Luxembourg. So we've spent the past 2 months logging miles and training in the season's newest kicks to find the shoes that'll make even the crankiest, most tough-to-appease feet happy to work out. Now all you have to do is lace up any of these 10 standout pairs and enjoy whatever it is that you love to do. (Next year, we promise: We'll include the guys, too!)

Look for these icons to find the right pair for you:

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On Cloud

($110, Tester's Verdict: This newcomer brand nails the soft landing and firm takeoff every runner craves. It's ultracomfy -- and cute enough for all-day wear. (Just getting in to running? Stay motivated with these 10 stick-with-it strategies.)


Saucony Guide 7

($110, Tester's Verdict: Stellar support that doesn't slack on cushioning and flexibility. A great pick for runners who tend to overpronate. (Go from walking to running in just 30 days!)


Nike Flyknit Lunar2

($150, Tester's Verdict: Designed to mimic the lightweight strength of a spider's web, the woven upper cocoons feet for a customlike fit. Strategic "pressure zones" on the sole guide foot into a neutral stride. (Runners who first strike the ground with their forefeet experience less knee injuries than their heel-striking counterparts. Find out if you're running the wrong way.)


New Balance Fresh Foam 980

($110, Tester's Verdict: Cushiony support in a lightweight design, plus extra padding in high-impact areas. (Are you doing high intensity interval training? Have you ever wondered just how long you need to rest? Find out the time needed for proper recovery, so you can work hard during the next interval.)


Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo

($100, Tester's Verdict: The flexible fabric hugs feet, and the perforated upper cuts down on sweat, reducing blisters. Shockingly supportive for a crazy-light shoe. (Want to be a better runner? Then try the talk test to learn how to work with your body's thresholds.)


Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost

($130, Tester's Verdict: Bouncy and built for speed with air-filled pockets along the midsole that compress and rebound with every strike. Superior traction along the sole provides a secure stride, even in wet conditions.


Skechers Performance GoRun Ride 2 Nite Owl

($105, Tester's Verdict: A must for early-morning and late-night runners, thanks to an intense glow that alerts drivers you're on the road. Leave these by a sunny window during the day to charge.


Brooks Transcend

($160, Tester's Verdict: A super-plush stability shoe that soaks up shock, making it a great pick for heavier runners or anyone with achy joints. Stiff foam guide rails along arches act like bumpers for feet, counteracting pronation and encouraging a more centered stride.


Mizuno Wave Ascend 8

($110, Tester's Verdict: Other trail models felt heavy, but this durable, lightweight model won't slow you down on off-road runs. The nubby X-shaped lugs bite into terrain for a superior grip.

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