Other than the showers, the weight room is probably the most sex-segregated place in any gym. The body benefits of lifting and strength training are clear, yet the gender split persists: most of the gymgoers inside are men. So what's keeping so many women from incorporating strength training into their fitness regimen, the way dudes do? "Women tend to shy away from weights because they're intimidating if you aren't familiar with them, and also, they fear bulking up too much," explains personal trainer Rachel Cosgrove, the creator of the Women's Health Spartacus 4.0 Workout in the Women's Health Personal Trainer subscription tool.

About getting ripped: It can't happen without lots of testosterone, which the female body doesn't have. So you can nix worrying about that. And as for getting over weight room intimidation, a trainer or gym staffer can show you the ropes. Still not convinced? Here, Cosgrove offers six reasons that we hope will inspire you to make the weight room truly coed.

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