The Lingerie Football League began in 2009, but its leadership decided to rebrand last year as the Legends Football League, which allowed it to retain the LFL acronym with a less sexualized theme. The makeover also included uniform modifications as it looked to replace lingerie with "performance wear." But there was no doubt that sex appeal is still part of the business plan.

With extension leagues in Canada and Australia, the LFL is growing and has plans for European franchises next year. It opens its fifth season on Saturday, April 5 in Milwaukee, with a game between the Chicago Bliss and Green Bay Chill. To help celebrate, the league just revealed Top 50 Hottest Athletes of All Time.

Legends Football League Gears Up For Its Fifth Season By Unveiling Top 50 List Slideshow


25. Erin Marie Garrett

Garrett was a WWE Diva Search finalist in 2007.


24. Chantel Taylor

Taylor ran cross country and track in high school as well as playing basketball and kickball.


23. Heather Perez

Perez played safety on her high school's JV football team.


22. Jayne Caldwell

Caldwell is also a college student in Australia who is studying business.


21. Ashley Helmstetter

Helmstetter was a competitive cheerleader at Fairmount State University.


20. Kayla Mulvogue

Mulvogue told that preparation is key: "If you don’t read your playbook, you're in big trouble."


19. Kate Marshall

Marshall was LFL Canada's Defensive Player of the Year.


18. Chloe Butler

Butler played three seasons in Los Angeles before returning to compete in her native Australia.


17. Melissa Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen writes a spiritual blog.


16. Mikayla Wingle

Wingle has been a Playboy model and a Survivor contestant.


15. Leah Turnbull

According to Turnbull's Facebook page, her personal interests include spearfishing.


14. Christie Burns

Burns is the San Diego team captain.


13. Leekplay Paye

Paye helps distribute meals for the homeless.


12. Danielle Moinet

Moinet was once a WWE wrestler called Summer Rae.


11. Bronte Zeiher

Zeiher was LFL Australia's Defensive Player of the Year.


10. Adrian Purnell

Purnell told MTV that "I don’t generally like pick-up lines because I love to be the aggressor" and her favorite NFL player was Ray Lewis.


9. Chelsie Jorgenson

Jorgenson was in the February 2011 issue of Playboy.


8. Ashley Johnston

Her sister, Heather, is also a player.


7. Holly Oakes

Oakes is from Kennesaw State University.


6. Ange Yangas

Yangas is also the author of a children's book.


5. Christine Moore

Moore is Power & Performance Specialist/Personal Trainer at Energy Fitness and Wellness in the Seattle area.


4. Stefanie Schenken

Schenken's Twitter info includes this motto: Real clean eating ▫ Real dirty training ▫ Real football.


3. Brooke Finneke

Finneke works as a police officer in Chicago.


2. Liz Gorman

Forman has been cited as the most dominant player in the history of LFL.


1. Angela Rypien

Rypien's dad, Mark, was MVP of Super Bowl XXVI for the Redskins.

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