Here are 14 fit females who are bringing the heat to the Winter Games:

Hottest Women Of The Winter Olympics Slideshow


Julia Mancuso

Age: 29 Sport: Alpine Skiing There's something inherently sexy about a woman who owns what she does for a living, and that's why we’re so drawn to Julia Mancuso. When it comes to alpine skiing -- which is Mancuso's passion and her career -- no other American woman has taken home more medals in the sport. She grabbed the gold back at the 2006 Winter Olympics, so we can only hope she experiences the same success this time around.


Lolo Jones

Age: 31 Sport: Bobsleigh You may recognize Lolo -- and those perfectly sculpted legs -- from her time spent clearing Olympic hurdles on the track for Team USA. But after 15+ years of lacing up her spikes, it appears she's ready for a new challenge. Enter: Jones making her debut as a part of the women's U.S. Bobsleigh team in Sochi. She may not be rocking spandex shorts and a sports bra during this new Olympic feat of hers; but have you seen those skin-tight bodysuits? Yeah -- we're not complaining either. (All you Winter Olympics questions answered.)


Jessica Diggins

Age: 22 Sport: Cross-Country Skiing With her long blond hair and easy smile, this born and raised Minnesotan may not look like a threat on the course -- yet her stats say otherwise. At the 2013 World Championship, Diggins and teammate Kikkan Randall paired together to win the team sprint. That made them the first Americans to earn a gold medal at the World Championships. (Take a look at these sexy pics of the 100 Hottest Women of All-Time.)


Meryl Davis

Age: 27 Sport: Figure Skating While you may not be an avid watcher of figure skating, Davis's act is one you won’t want to miss. Along side her partner Charlie White, she has taken home four U.S. titles, eight Grand Prix gold medals, three Grand Prix Final gold medals, as well as a silver medal from the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Here are the 100 Things You Don't Know About the Sochi Olympics.)


Marissa Castelli

Age: 23 Sport: Figure Skating New to the Olympics -- but not to the rink -- is figure skater Marissa Castelli. In 2013 alone, she and her partner Simon Shnapir took home a gold medal at the 2013 U.S. Championships, the bronze medal at the Four Continents Championships, and placed 13th at their first World Championships. But if you're still not sold on watching a couple parade around on ice, let's just say those barely-there outfits make it easy on the eyes. (Here are the best and worst ways to approach the lovely ladies of Team USA..)


Gigi Marvin

Age: 26 Sport: Ice Hockey Born and raised in Warroad, Minnesota -- famously known as "Hockeytown" -- this 5-9 beautiful blonde was made for the rink. At 26 years of age, the powerful forward is now one of the most veteran members of the U.S. women's national team. Marvin played a part in America snagging the silver medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and has her eyes set on the gold in Sochi. (Be strong, energetic, and healthy like you were at 25!)


Amy Purdy

Age: 34 Sport: Snowboard, 2014 Paralympic Winter Games When she was only 19, Amy Purdy lost both her legs below the knee after contracting a rare form of bacterial meningitis. But after making a miraculous recovery, there’s not much you can put in her way that’ll slow her momentum now. Motivational speaker, snowboarder, actress and model -- she's an all-around badass. She's also co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports -- which is a nonprofit that helps create opportunities for people with physical disabilities.


Jessica Smith

Age: 30 Sport: Short Track After becoming an eight-time inline skating world champ, Smith switched to ice speed skating to chase an Olympic dream. Her first trip to the Winter Games was back in 2010, where she traveled to Vancouver an as alternate. But this time around, Smith has shown that she's in it to win it -- considering she took first in the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m at the trials for Sochi.


Katie Uhlaender

Age: 29 Sport: Skeleton Uhlaender has been one of the United States' top skeleton athletes since she first took up the sport in 2003. But what you may not know about this fiery redhead is that she can lift. In 2012, she competed in weightlifting at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials, and let us warn you, Uhlaender has some of the sexiest abs we've ever seen. She finished fourth in Sochi, missing the bronze by .04 seconds.


Noelle Pikus-Pace

Age: 31 Sport: Skeleton Pikus-Pace is considered one of the best skeleton sliders in the world: She has strength, speed, and determination. She started the sport in 2001, and by the time 2005 rolled around, Pikus-Pace had become the first female to ever win the Overall World Cup Title in skeleton. Shortly after her victory, she broke her right leg when a four-man bobsled failed to brake at the finish line. But staying true to her competitive nature, she made an incredible recovery -- only to turn around and claim the World Championship title in St. Moritz in 2007. She captured a silver medal in Sochi.


Sarah Hendrickson

Age: 19 Sport: Ski Jumping Not entirely sure what ski jumping is? Allow us to simplify: The skier travels down an insanely high take-off ramp, and ultimately gets launched out over a steep mountain slope. The goal? Land as far as possible down the hill as you can. So yes, Sarah Hendrickson’s job is basically to fly. Even more impressive: Not only is this Hendrickson’s first time to the Games, this is the first time women are allowed to compete in ski jumping at the Olympics. Hendrickson, recovering from a knee injury, was the first American to make the jump but finished 21st.


Jamie Anderson

Some women are just destined for snowboarding-greatness, and this blond-haired, blue-eyed babe is one of them. When Jamie Anderson was only 15 years old, she took first at the Winter X -- making her the youngest medalist in history to take gold at the event. Seven years and multiple wins later, Anderson took gold in the inaugural snowboard slopestyle event in Sochi. (Team USA shares its snowboarding tricks of the trade for staying up to help you turn your frustration into fun.)


Kaitlyn Farrington

Age: 24 Sport: Snowboard New to the Olympics and new to the U.S. Olympic snowboarding team -- this 24-year-old sweetheart from Sun Valley, Idaho, is one of the breakout stars of Sochi. While she may not have as much on-board experience as her veteran teammates, Farrington's technical experience is what will make your jaw drop and it resulted in a gold medal in Sochi. Earlier, she had becpme the first women's rider to perform a backside 900 -- which is where she spins 2.5 full rotations in the air on her board. And this is only one of many tricks up her sleeve.


Hannah Teter

Age: 27 Sport: Snowboard Hannah Teter's playful looks are enough to make most men on the halfpipe do a double take. But during competition, it's her moves that leave them gaping in awe. In 2002, she became the first woman to land a front side 900 in a halfpipe competition. Not to mention she's already got an Olympic gold medal in the bag -- one that she won at the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy. She took fourth in the halfpipe in Sochi.

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