The Super Bowl is about football. Of Course. But it also means so much more to so many different people. The glitz. The glamor. The commercials. The halftime show. The food. The parties. And yes, an incredible amount of gambling.

Now there are your normal bets, the winner and score, but also some unique prop bets we wanted to highlight. Last year someone at my Super Bowl party put a bet the over on the duration of the national anthem. It was amazing to see him live and die with every extended word, and each deep breath, and I thought, "Wow, not only did he make money but that could possibly have be the most exciting two minutes I've ever witnessed."

We don't condone betting in general, or taking part in these unique and often tough to predict prop bets, but just wanted to showcase the ten best opportunities, via Bovada and Sportsbook, out there and give our two cents on them.

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