By Mark Lebetkin

It seems like every four years we re-learn about the existence of sports like skeleton and biathlon, but that doesn't mean they simply disappear in the meantime.

In the years between Vancouver and Sochi, athletes have been training and competing, fans have been watching and -- yes -- amateurs have even been participating for fun and fitness.

Want to your chance to play the Olympian, too? We found ways to try 10 of the sports you'll soon be watching on TV.

Not surprisingly, the best places to try many of these sports are past Olympic venues. Olympic parks in and around Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Lake Placid, N.Y. and Calgary still have the dedicated facilities like ski jump ramps and bobsled tracks.

In several cases, though, these sports are more accessible than you may have thought: There are curling clubs in most states, for example, and you don't have to be a performance athlete to join.

Who knows? All that spectating may spark an interest.

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