The sports world said goodbye to some of its greatest players, biggest personalities and most influential decision-makers in 2013. Stan Musial, Deacon Jones, Bill Sharman and longtime Laker owner Jerry Buss were among them.

When Musial died in January, Bob Costas delivered a memorable eulogy. Here is a snippet of it, and then we take a closer look at other notable stars who passed away this year:

Long after we're all gone, the numbers will still show a good part of what Stan Musial meant to the Game. But what may be harder to understand is what he meant to us. In the late 1960s, the great Paul Simon asked, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" It was the right metaphor at the right time and he picked the right player to make his point. But no one in St. Louis ever had to wonder where Stan Musial had gone. He was right here. Right here at home. Our greatest ballplayer sure, but also our friend. Our neighbor. And that is why our bond and attachment between this player and this city is unique and lasting. Other great players may have had an aura about them; a mystique that made them seem unapproachable. Not Stan.

Every one of us, and through the years countless others, have their own personal stories not just of seeing him play but of running into him at the grocery store, the hardware store, a grandchild's soccer game or high school graduation and having been touch by his good-naturedness, his graciousness, his buoyant personality.

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