Once merely a microblogging tool that allowed users to send out messages in 140 character chunks, Twitter has become so much more. As a slew of professional athletes demonstrated in the past year, Twitter can be a virtual marketplace, a boxing ring or a dating service.

Need to sell a dog? Twitter. Need to land a date? Twitter. Need to score some of those amazingly delicious Krispy Kreme Burgers from the Wisconsin State Fair? Well, you get the idea.

Here's a look at how some of our favorite athletes used Twitter to get what they wanted (or what they needed) over the past year. For a look at the best individual tweets, see here.

Most Memorable 2013 Twitter Interactions Slideshow


Kris Humphries-J.R. Smith Feud

After Humphries dissed the crowd at Madison Square Garden, Smith returned with a stinging jab about Humphries' ex-wife Kim Kardashian's new beau, Kanye West.


Darnell Docket, AJ McCarron Have Odd Beef

After Katherine Webb's infamous BCS championship game cameo, Docket couldn't stop tweeting about her. Naturally, McCarron wasn't too pleased with Dockett's attempted advances.


Ravens Mock Heat

The Ravens took a random, and perhaps misguided, shot at the Heat's championship parade in June.


Jim Irsay's Unique Contest

The Colts owner, an active tweeter, sent $8,500 to a fan after he guessed the score of the Colts-Ravens game within one point.


Lolo Jones Scores A Date

The Olympic hurdler turned bobsledder promised a follower that if he got 150,000 retweets, she'd take him out on a date. After he reached the milestone, Jones said she would stay true to her word.


Kendrick Perkins Sells A Dog

The Oklahoma City Thunder big man said his 10-month-old English bulldog was too big to be around his young son, so Perkins sold the pooch to a follower on Twitter.


Colin Kaepernick Feeds Off His Haters

After his 49ers stumbled out to a 1-2 start to the 2013 season, Kaepernick began favoriting hateful tweets and using them as motivation.


Andre Drummond Lands A Date

Jones isn't the only one who can thank Twitter for adding some romance to her life. Detroit Pistons forward Andre Drummond worked diligently to score a date with his crush, iCarly star Jennette McCurdy. It worked, and the pair even dated briefly before breaking up several months ago.


John Axford Trades Tickets For Food

The then-Brewers pitcher couldn't make it to the Wisconsin State Fair to pick up some Krispy Kreme Burgers, so he had a fan do it for him. In return, he gave the woman tickets to a Milwaukee game.


Rangers Take A Jab At ESPN

After SportsCenter declared that Alfonso Soriano, not goalie Henrik Lundqvist, was the king of New York, the Rangers' account responded with some serious snark.


Quincy Pondexter Courts Miss Tennessee

The Grizzlies guard wasted no time in his search for a girlfriend after his season ended. But he didn't want just anyone, he set out to find Miss Tennessee. Luckily for all of us, his hilarious attempt at courtship was documented on Twitter.


Phil Jackson Schools Kendrick Lamar

After the rapper said no one could coach him, not even one of the winningest coaches in any sport, the Zen Master came back with a sharp retort. "We all need somebody to lean on," Jackson wrote in response to Lamar.


Adrian Peterson Calls Sick Boy

In one of the more heartwarming stories from the year, a Twitter campaign centered around the hashtag "#APCallBlake" led to the MVP getting in touch with a 17-year-old battling Ewing's sarcoma.


Glen Perkins Saves The Day

After a young fan's online order got messed up, the pitcher stepped up and secured four tickets for the boy and his family.

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