By Brittany Thorley

It is never hard to find holiday deals on gadgets and tech treats, but it can be difficult pick the right one for the sports fan in your life. But fear not! We have compiled the ultimate gift guide for sports technology lovers everywhere with our top ten sports tech stocking fillers. Happy Holidays!

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1. Ion Air Pro

Shooting and sharing your achievements in sport has never been so easy with the Ion Air Pro kits. Each is Wi-Fi enabled so you can document your training or game in high definition and then share it in real time. The kit contains plenty of extras to keep any self-respecting tech and sport enthusiast satisfied, including a series of mounting and remote options for hands-free filming.


2. Snow2 Heads-Up Display

Into your adventure sports? The Snow2 heads-up display from Recon Instrumentals is the ideal technological companion for alpine sports. The high-tech googles contain a display unit that measures performance metrics, connect with cameras and sensors and even takes calls from your iPhone or Android. The model also allows you to browse online, making it the most advanced wearable computer and the ultimate gadget for those interested in skiing and snowboarding.


3. MiCoach Smart Run

This watch from Adidas may not look like much but don't be deceived. The handy miCoach gadget offers real-time sports coaching at your fingertips. The gadget proves that there's no need to shell out for a personal trainer, and can be used during running and training for any sport from football and basketball to tennis and soccer. MiCoach collects vital data, such as speed, distance and game time, so you have the power to improve your performance every time. It also relays data back to your smartphone or computer so you can analyze your performance at home or on the go. The watch itself has the capacity for up to eight hours of memory.


4. LifeProof iPhone Case

How many times have you dropped your iPhone on that morning run, at football practice or during a bike ride? The LifeProof case is essentially a life jacket for your iPhone. Measuring in at just 1.5mm in depth, the case offers military grade protection for your phone against everyday hazards, rain, shock, impact and dust. You can also take your iPhone underwater with you for up to 1 hour –- genius!


5. Dunlop NZ9 Titanium Driver

Buying a gift for a golf enthusiast or are you an avid golfer looking for some premium equipment to add to your Christmas list? The NZ9 Titanium Driver from Dunlop uses Aeroskin CX technology to reduce drag and heighten head speed to ensure excellent performance. The finish is also anti-glare for easy alignment.


6. Scoreband

The Scoreband can be used for a series of sports, including golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and handball, and has a mode to fit all. The gadget is water resistant and stretchable for a snug fit, and keeps and saves your score for a practical and accurate way of managing your statistics


7. Sennheiser MX 685 Sports

For music and sport lovers, no other gadget makes it easier to combine your two interests than the MX 685 Sports headphones. The headphones provide a secure and portable feeling for those with active lifestyles with its durable material and snug fit ensuring your sport doesn’t interfere with your playlist.


8. Warrior Superheat Soccer Boots

Released at the start of December, the Superheat boots from Warrior use revolutionary Tri-fusion technology to provide the ultimate piece of kit for soccer lovers everywhere. The boots are constructed with several separate layers of water resisting, supportive and touch material which moulds to your foot to enhance movement, comfort and breathability.


9. Head Custom Made Speed Select Racquet

Launched with the help of professional tennis star Novak Djokovic, Head have revealed the ultimate Christmas gift for tennis players at all levels of ability. You can now customize your own racquet online, using their interactive design service you can dictate the color, weight, balance, string and grip of your racquet.


10. Nike LeBron 11 iD

The customizable LeBron 11 iD basketball shoe from Nike provides several defining features to improve performance and speed on the court. Utilizing a layer of Lunarlon cushioning, the LeBron 11 offers a leaner construction compared to other shoes with increased comfort and strength.

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-- Brittany Thorley works for Steatite Batteries developing specialist systems for commercial, industrial, military and individual use. She is also an avid blogger in the technology industry, with her specialist subject being commercial and industrial-grade gadgets.

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