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When it comes to outdoor adventures, many of us wouldn't think of leaving home without our favorite four-legged friends.

Dogs play an integral role in our active pursuits, joining in as we run, bike, ski, hike, camp -- and everything in between. Indeed, none of these activities would be the same without Rover.

Bringing your dog with you to enjoy the great outdoors is a win-win. Not only do you gain a unique partner who will keep pace without complaint, your loyal companion gets the necessary exercise to keep him or her healthy for years to come. What's more, a tired canine is a happy and well-behaved canine, which makes life easier when you return home.

But while dogs may not be gearheads like their human counterparts, bringing them on outdoor adventures can require certain equipment: jackets to keep them warm when temps fall, reflective items to keep them in sight, travel accessories for overnight adventures and all manner of technical pieces to get them ready for activities like skijoring and sledding.

So when you're crossing items off your holiday shopping list, don’t forget who’s been a really good boy or girl this year. Check out these 11 great gift ideas for active pooches that’ll get them wagging their tails and ready to hit the trails.

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D-Fa Moon-Walker Jacket

Since winter means fewer daylight hours, it's important to outfit your pooch with the same high-visibility gear you might wear yourself. Whether you're going out for an early morning stroll or a late night run, the D-Fa Moon-Walker Jacket provides visibility up to 328 feet. Lightweight wind- and waterproof material with cut-away shoulders ensures your dog stays warm, dry, and comfortable no matter where the road may take you. $80;


Grip Trex

For dogs that need aggressive footwear to match that of their owners, the Grip Trex booties tout Vibram outsoles. For hiking, biking, running or skiing, sticky rubber lugs help the dog grip the ground on a wide variety of rugged terrain. Soft, pliable upper materials will protect the dog’s paws when the temperatures dip, but will still flex with their natural gait. $70;


Ruffwear Highlands Bed

Every active dog needs a comfortable place to sleep in order to wake up ready for the next day's adventure. The lightweight, packable Highlands Bed provides just that. Designed for backcountry trips and weighing in at just 14 ounces, it comes with a stuff sack for easy portability. Made from recycled synthetic insulation, the high-loft bed will provide your pup with both comfort and protection from the ground. $75;


Krebs Leash

Made in Seattle, the Krebs Leash comes in both 4-foot and 6-foot varieties. Fashioned from durable, pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled nylon climbing rope, these leashes are up-cycled rather than recycled. When you buy a Krebs Leash, you not only get a functional, heavy-duty product, you also help keep the rope out of the landfill, benefiting both your dog and the environment. $18.50 (4-foot), $19.50 (6-foot);


Zuke's Power Bones

Just as you need fuel when you’re on the run, so do dogs. Zuke's Power Bones offer a healthy option for your canine friend, combining whole-food ingredients like fruits, nuts, coconut oil, oats, rosemary and turmeric. A perfect snack, Power Bones will keep your dog satiated and energized through any activity. $6.80;


H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl

An ingenious 9.5-ounce bottle-and-bowl combo, this product allows you to tote around your dog's hydration essentials in one single unit. The lid, which serves as the bowl, is designed to fit a dog’s natural drinking style for on-the-go hydration. $10;


Mountainsmith K9 Cube

A unique storage system, the K9 Cube is perfect for travel near and far. Large enough to hold everything from food to treats to toys and other necessities, the various compartments will keep you organized. A PEVA-lined food container and collapsible dishes make mealtimes especially easy when you're on the road. $60;


The Guardian Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights come in five colors and can be attached to almost any collar or harness. A long-lasting bright light, they operate in flashing mode for 250 hours on a single battery. The light can be used to either keep track of your dog if you’re running in the dark with him or her off-leash, or as a safety device for navigating city streets after the sun goes down. $18;

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