With gyms and specialty fitness studios popping up left and right these days, when it comes to choosing where we want to work out our options are by no means limited. Whether you're looking for a more affordable membership to a conveniently located chain gym or you're in search of a club that provides sport specific workouts, there's a gym out there for every type of exerciser and athlete.

Because there are so many different types of fitness facilities that cater to all different types of gym-goers, we asked you for help in curating our list of the best in America. We started out with a list of just over 60 regional, chain, and specialty gyms, which with your votes we narrowed down to the top 31. The final list is a representation of what you named as the top factors considered when judging a gym’s quality -- cost, community, and location.

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One voter noted that all they need for a great workout is "bumper plates, chalk, and freedom to train however [they] want,” while another placed high value on outdoor training areas and equipment like kettlebells, prowlers, and TRX suspension trainers. Several voters also wrote in to note that they appreciate safe training spaces with qualified personal trainers.

From big box chains like 24 Hour Fitness and sport specific studios like Drive495 to popular weight-lifting warehouses like DeFranco’s in Wyckoff, New Jersey, no matter how you like to work out, chances are there's a gym on our list that can cater to your every exercise need.

In picking the final 31, we consulted publically available stats, other expert lists, and most importantly, our own survey results.

For the complete list of the 31 Best Gyms In America, go to TheActiveTimes.com.

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