The Most Epic NFL Stadium Foods Slideshow


Cuban Sandwich

Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Any time you can go to a football stadium and avoid pre-made, processed subs, you're already ahead of the game. But if you're ordering this excellent Cuban sandwich at Raymond James, that's winning. Sliced pork, ham and salami are the main constituents, along with some Swiss cheese, tomato, pickle and mustard. Photo Credit: floridagirlindc/Flickr


Jonathon Sawyer's Street Frites

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland Jonathon Sawyer is one of FirstEnergy Stadium's celebrity chefs at work. They figured if the fans can't take the taste of losing, at least they should have the taste of good food. Sawyer's Street Frites are a real treat: fries with Mozzarella curd, black pepper and brown veal gravy. Perfect for an outdoor stadium on a chilly autumn Sunday. Photo Credit: mastermaq/Flickr


Beer Cheese Mac 'n' Cheese

Location: Lambeau Field, Green Bay The Frozen Tundra can get quite, well, frigid, so we're glad that there's some warming food options. Lambeau Field's executive chef, Leo Dominguez, has created the Beer Cheese Mac 'n' Cheese, and leave it to the Cheeseheads to overload (in a good way) this classic. It's devilishly gooey, thanks to beer, cream cheese and cheddar. Photo Credit: Courtesy Levy Restaurants


Fat Doug

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland Food Network's Michael Symon is another celebrity chef quarterbacking the concessions in Cleveland. If you visit, you'll want to catch the signature menu item, which is the Fat Doug, a burger generously topped with pastrami, coleslaw and Swiss cheese. Photo Credit: edsell/Flickr


Primanti Brothers Capicola And Cheese Sandwich

Location: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh The classic chain of Pittsburgh sandwich shops has a location at Heinz Field. The Capicola and Cheese is a winner: in between slices of thick Italian bread are fries and crunchy coleslaw. Photo Credit: Primanti Brothers/Facebook


Apple Pie Bacon Shake

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland Drinks are fairly undiscovered territory in stadiums. There's booze, soda and water, for the most part. Food Network's Michael Symon is expanding horizons in Cleveland with the Apple Pie Bacon Shake. Sweet and savory team up quite well in this drink. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark


Beastmode Cupcakes

Location: CenturyLink Field, Seattle To feed The Beast (aka Marshawn Lynch), you give him Skittles (his favorite candy). He's been known to put the team on his back before, so it's no surprise that you can find a cupcake creation styled after the Seahawks' workhorse running back. These delicious desserts from Trophy Cupcakes are made of team colors, topped with orange buttercream and Lynch's favorite candy. Photo Credit: Trophy Cupcakes/Facebook


Slider Hot Dog Trio

Location: Reliant Stadium, Houston Hot dogs seem to be fairly plain-Jane food at stadiums, so it's nice to see a unique spin on things. Reliant Stadium offers a slider hot dog trio in which you can select a variety of intriguing toppings. Go with the classics or push your boundaries a bit with Haute Queso or crispy SPAM hash. Photo Credit: arndog/Flickr


Who Dey Melt

Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Mac 'n' cheese, melted cheese and bacon are three classical American favorites. So why not fold them into one item? That’s exactly what you can order at the home of the Bengals, as the Who Dey Melt delivers a mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese with bacon. Just be prepared for the fourth quarter itis. Photo Credit: Courtesy: @ARAMARKsports


Coffee-And-Brown-Sugar-Rubbed Brisket Sandwich

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland Drinks are fairly undiscovered territory in stadiums. There's booze, soda and water, for the most part. Food Network's Michael Symon is expanding horizons in Cleveland with the Apple Pie Bacon Shake. Sweet and savory team up quite well in this drink. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark


Red & Gold Short Rib Melt

Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium takes meat and cheese to a whole new level with the Red & Gold Short Rib Melt. Pulled short rib is stuffed in between two pieces of Parmesan-crusted bread. Add in some American and Havarti cheese, which melts beautifully, and you'll have to remind yourself that you're at a stadium and not a hipster hot spot. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark


The Pigskin Sandwich

Location: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore They know just how to work the pigskin in Baltimore. This sandwich has a roasted pork that receives a mango-jalapeno glaze treatment to start. Then it’s dressed with crunchy red cabbage slaw, roasted garlic mojo and Manchego cheese. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark


The Long Bomb

Location: Coliseum, Oakland Hot dogs grow to a whole new length in the Black Hole. The Raiders' home serves The Long Bomb, a 20-inch pork sausage served on a grilled sourdough baguette. This monster weighs in at a full pound and is topped with onion-bacon jam and brown-mustard-mayonnaise sauce. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark/SportsandFood


Georgia Dome's Monster Burger

Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta The Georgia Dome features one of the most loaded burgers you'll find at a football game. The one-pound all-beef burger gets even meatier with barbecue pork and bacon on top. There's also American cheese melting through, as well as fried onions, just so you can say there's some vegetable representation. Photo Credit: Courtesy Levy Restaurants


Triple-Meat Nachos

Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium has a number of entrants into our list, and its nachos deserve high marks, too. Their version of the chips gets covered by a triple threat of meat: chili, pulled chicken and chopped brisket. The traditional characters also make an appearance, as their Triple Meat Nachos are finished with nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. Photo Credit: Courtesy: @Aramarksports


Awesome Burger

Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Kansas City's Awesome Burger doesn't have any outlandish ingredients and isn't a monstrous size, but it just executes the basics very well. This is simply a patty topped with fried onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and steak sauce. Photo Credit: _e.t/Flickr


Cranberry-Almond Raspberry Salad

Location: Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis I know, I know: You don't make friends with salad. But those who prefer not to eat deep fried/greasy food at a stadium have a pretty good option in the Edward Jones Dome. The cranberry-almond-raspberry salad is healthy and filling. Photo Credit: cindybidar/Flickr


West Coast Offense

Location: Coliseum, Oakland Props go out to the Oakland Raiders for serving up one of the best hot dogs in the country. Their dog definitely has a Tex-Mex feel to it, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, pulled chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, black bean and corn salsa, and ranch sour cream. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark


Benkovitz Fish Sandwich

Location: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh Benkovitz Seafoods is known for its delectable preparations of seafood, but the stand-out item would have to be the fish sandwich. The fish comes out perfectly crisp; there's a good chance you'll want to order two. Photo Credit: busbeytheelder/Flickr


Allegheny Burger

Location: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh This Steel City burger is fit for a man of steel: a 5.3-ounce patty is stacked with shaved kielbasa, fried perogies, cheddar cheese, carmelized onions, sauerkraut aioli and Heinz ketchup. If it sounds and looks like a mouthful, it absolutely is. Photo Credit: Courtesy Aramark

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