Picking a favorite bar in your college town is like picking a favorite Ninja Turtle. There's only one right answer, and it's Michelangelo. But when not one single preseason Top 25 school (we researched this story when the poll was released, so what -- it took a while!) had a bar called "Michelangelo," we decided to move on to the best of the rest. And so now we present: The best college-town bars everywhere from College Station to Tuscaloosa. Commence loud, rum & Coke-fueled arguing.

Best College Bars At Top NCAA Football Schools Slideshow



Best Bar: The Chimes Nothing says awesome college bar like a crazy drinking challenge (drink 60 beers from at least 20 different countries on the beer menu) with some crappy prize like a T-shirt (a T-shirt). Oh, you don't have to do it all in one night. More from Thrillist: Belize Needs You To Speargun The Poisonous Lionfish In The Face



Best Bar: Rick's Apologies to Touchdown Cafe and The Brown Jug, but the place to go in Ann Arbor is Rick's. Why? Because A) they've got "shark bowls" (pro tip: get purple! They mix the red and blue! It tastes like mistakes and secrets!), B) there are three bars, and C) the dance floor is a sweaty mess of Chi O and Kappa girls twerking like Miley Cyrus. Bonus: We once saw David Terrell refer to himself in the third person three times in one sentence while at Rick's. That doesn't just happen everywhere. More from Thrillist: Classic Cars/Adam Carolla Tear Up The Track In California



Best Bar: Kollege Klub (aka KK) It’s basically an afterlife for jersey-chasers. There may be better places to actually watch the game (State Street Brats, any house on Breese with a three-story beer bong), but our editor who graduated from Madison saw Kirk Herbstreit do a Jager Bomb here, so that’s that. More from Thrillist: You Think You Have What It Takes To Drive A Pro-Baja Truck?


Oklahoma State

Best Bar: Eskimo Joe's This Stillwater institution sits in the shadows of Boone Pickens Stadium, has its own atrium (with a retractable glass roof they call the "Joe Dome"), and once had its cheese fries endorsed during a commencement speech by George H. W. Bush (!) and, later, George W. Bush [slanty face]. More from Thrillist: NFL Kickoff: 8 Tailgate Essentials For The 2013 Season


Oregon State

Best Bar: The Peacock A legendary 84-year-old haunt, The 'Cock comes correct: $1 PBR pints, a gut-lining $2 breakfast available every morning, Big Buck Hunter, shuffleboard, and the distinct smell of Gary Payton. More from Thrillist: The Great American Beer Festival: 3 Days, 2.8K Brews And YOU



Best Bar: 901 Bar (aka The 9-0) The 9-0 is the only bar (that matters) within walking distance of USC, which luckily means you don't need to drive the 1996 Impala Lloyd Lake bought you to get there. Unluckily, it also means you're walking through South Central LA. More from Thrillist: Follow Your Favorite Team On The Road



The Bar: Nevin's Evanston may be the birthplace of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (thanks for Prohibition, ladies), but you wouldn't know it by the way the pints and whiskey flow at this pub no one calls by its full name (Tommy Nevin's Pub). Watch out for flying darts. More from Thrillist: You Think You Have What It Takes To Drive A Pro-Baja Truck?



Best Bar: O'Hara's (aka Maloney's) If you like "Bruin Bombs" (blue shot and a beer), UCLA sorority girls, $4 liters of beer on Tuesdays, other UCLA sorority girls, an NFL Sunday-worthy TV setup (watch out for the dude who likes the Bills), and UCLA sorority girls who are totally different than those first two sets of UCLA sorority girls, this is your Westwood watering hole. More from Thrillist: Fenway Park Has The Priciest Stadium Beer In The Nation



Best Bar: The Aardvark Getting "'varked" is a thing at TCU. And it's a thing that only happens here, thanks to $2.50 Kamikaze shots poured out of a converted lemonade machine. More from Thrillist: The Top 25 Things You Absolutely Need For A Proper Tailgate, In Order


Boise State

Best Bar: Crescent "No Lawyers" Bar and Grill And when they say "No Lawyers", they mean No Freaking Lawyers. Apparently some lawyer neighbors got in a legal dispute with the bar owners who were trying to put a pool in their backyard. Annnnnyway, yeah, lots of hate, from the sign out front ("No Lawyers!") to their "Lawyer Fries" (Rocky Mountain Oysters with Chinese hot mustard). Other things that aren't lawyers: 24 TVs (including four 10-footers), a sweet patio with horseshoe pits, and a free pool happy hour. More from Thrillist: Meet Dan Jackson: Extreme Freestyle Kayaker



Best Bar: The Mont Home to the cheapest, tastiest, and most alliterative drink in Norman (Sooner Swirl!), The Mont offers up OU-ville's end-all, be-all patio, plus does some damn good queso. More from Thrillist: These Aerodynamic Onesies Give You Wings



Best Bar: The Brass Rail The only place in Lincoln where you can Railgate before a Huskers game, this 78yr-old dive once got a Playboy Best College Bar nod back in the day (that was literally the only article we ever read). Go-to's for Scarlet and Cream-lovers: Raildogs, Crushers, and Party Pitchers. More from Thrillist: Birdie An Extreme Global Gold Challenge



Best Bar: Posse East Chill spot. Great patio. Walking distance from the stadium. $7 pitchers. And a burger made with taco meat, jalapenos, and queso. Many yesses. More from Thrillist: Score Tickets While Traveling


Notre Dame

Best Bar: Linebacker Lounge Opened by a former Notre Dame football player, The 'Backer is exactly the type of bar you'd want to take your imaginary girlfriend who is actually a guy, especially considering the 15 flatscreens, cheap food/beer ($1.50 Shock Top!), and stripper pole regular pole. Wait no, it's actually a stripper pole at Notre Dame. More from Thrillist: A Pair Of Shorts You Can Wear To Cross-Fit AND The Country Club


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