With more than 700,000 fans on their way to Queens and hundreds of players and coaches to feed, producing food at the U.S. Open is almost as difficult as playing in it. "For 14 straight days, it will feel like Mother's Day," said Danny Zausner, the National Tennis Center's chief operating officer.

Levy Restaurants Regional Chef Jim Abbey has the challenge of overseeing all culinary affairs. He will be working with a world-class staff of chefs that includes David Burke, Tony Mantuano and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

According to Levy Restaurants, 40 percent of all produce will be sourced from the region. Approximately 15,000 pounds of beef tenderloin and steaks, 7.5 tons of crab, shrimp and lobster, 225,000 hamburgers and hot dogs, 85,000 pounds of poultry and 7,000 specialty tennis ball cookies will be served.

The menus feature new and old selections. ThePostGame had a chance to view and sample some of the options Thursday at the U.S. Open Food Tasting Preview:

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