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of our favorite athletes to see what their digital sidearms say about them.

Athlete iPhone Home Screens Revealed Slideshow


Danica Patrick

Patrick drives the No.10 GoDaddy.com car for Stewart-Haas Racing. Before her current gig, she ran 115 races over 7 years in IndyCar, becoming the first woman to win a top-level open-wheel race at the 2008 Indy Japan 300. Like her BF, she's deep into sports apps and social media. She’s a huge Bears fan, hence the ESPN app, and she uses Frametastic to make collages for her Twitter feed. She's also a foodie -- so Yelp and Zagat. Patrick digs Pinterest, but says she's "new to it, so still a bit of a beginner." News and celeb dirt come via USA Today and US Weekly. Read her in-depth Q&A with Men's Health here. Patrick's award: Most perfectly balanced collection of girl stuff/guy stuff. Seriously, look at it!


Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

Yes, we scored dueling smartphones from the hottest couple in auto racing. Stenhouse races the #17 Best Buy car for Roush Fenway Racing. He happens to be dating a certain on-track competitor, Danica Patrick. Let’s just let him tell you about his phone: "Safari -- gotta be able to look up anything. Camera -- love to document everything. Bible -- read it and use it for our small group Bible study we do at the track. Music/iPod -- mostly country. Word games -- love to win, but need to be able to spell better. Social -- gotta keep everyone informed on what's going on, at least the ones that want to know; Zillow -- Love looking at houses and land. I'm looking for a place now. Best Buy -- look at it to see what's new. Fifth Third -- mobile banking. Race monitor -- keep up on races when my sprint car team is out racing the dirt cars. Phone -- rarely call people. Mail -- all the time. Text -- way too much. Photo: sent to me by my wonderful GF, wearing my favorite shirt." Stenhouse's award: Best all-around celebrity smartphone user. Period.


Bubba Watson

Watson turned pro in 2010, and won the Masters Tournament, his first major victory, in 2012 (read about how he makes the game fun.) As you can see from his screen grab here, the 34-year-old golfer likes to keep his app collection light and focused. He’s active on Twitter and, as hinted by his Bible app, a devout Christian who frequently donates time and money to causes he believes in. He’s an entirely self-taught golfer, and while we like to think the BubbaGolf app gives away some of his secrets, we kinda doubt it. read about how he makes the game fun - Watson's award: Most essential inventory -- God, golf, and Twitter


Cody Zeller

The 7-foot-tall Hoosier followed the lead of his two older brothers, Tyler Zeller of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Luke Zeller of the Phoenix Suns, going fourth overall in the 2013 NBA draft to the Charlotte Bobcats. He and his brothers founded the family program DistinXion, which combines basketball with character and religious values. So, it makes sense that Cody relies on the Bible app -- "the Bible is easy to take with me everywhere," he says. He's also a heavy Pandora user -- with his set to country music. Zeller's award: Apps most likely to make his brothers proud


Jimmie Johnson

Johnson drove his No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet to five consecutive NASCAR championships between 2006 and 2010. He's hugely active on social media, and has a slew of photo apps and assorted social-media tools at his beck and call (you can tell he loves his tech). But his iPhone comes in just as handy helping him stay in shape for both the triathlons he’s begun competing in as well as the constant strain of muscling racecars through turns at 200 mph. TriCalc helps triathletes calculate race pace and keep track of their best finish times, and it works well for non-triathlete runners, swimmers, and cyclists, while Training Peaks prevents slacking off at the gym via thorough workout and meal logging. By the way, Savant is a home security, lighting control, and energy monitor system, so Johnson can turn off his living-room lights from the back straight at Daytona if he wants to. (Oh yeah, his wireless provider? Sprint, of course ...) Johnson's award: Best donut-making app


CJ McCollum

The Lehigh University grad was the 10th overall pick in this year's NBA draft, picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers. Leading up to the June 27 draft, McCollum used the Draft Dreams app, which aggregates social media, blogs, and photos, to update fans and keep tabs on six other athletes preparing for the draft. He also relied on Twitter (@CJMccollum) and Vine to keep fans up to date with his travels before the draft. "I recently got into Vine and I just have a great time with it," he says. A former journalism major at Lehigh, he uses Smart Recorder to record his interviews. Pandora also makes the cut -- "I love music and I'm especially into J. Cole's new album," he says. "'Power Trip' is a hot track." McCollum's award: Most fan-focused apps


Terrell Thomas

Thomas' smartphone is a major multitasker, keeping both he and his daughter Tatum amused. "That's her in the background,” the New York Giants cornerback says. "If you're a parent you know your kids are always asking for your phone, so she has her own folder of games that actually teach her, whether it's reading, counting, or memorizing. She also loves looking at my pictures." A music fan, he's big into Shazam for helping figure out what songs he wants to download. "I'm always on Twitter and Instagram to connect and share my life with my fans, and my church's app is great. It has a daily reading plan and keeps me informed since I'm always in and out of town." He also loves his Flashlight app. "Comes in handy," he says. Thomas' award: Best placement of Flashlight and Church apps


Brad Smith

During the offseason, Smith is focusing on staying in shape and spending time with his new baby girl. He's also spending a little time with his iPhone -- the quarterback, wide receiver, and return specialist keeps his Chapel app, which streams Sunday messages, and his Bible Study app front and center, but when his mind is in the game, he turns to the Hudl app to watch team videos. We also dig the Harmony Link app, which lets you control your home theater via Logitech’s remote control system, and the DocuSign Ink app, which is helpful for signing football contracts. Smith, a University of Missouri alum, was a Jet first, then started with the Bills in 2011 (then a MH Style intern ... not sure if that's an upgrade or not!). Smith's award: Most advanced smartphone user


Michael Carter-Williams

Former Syracuse Orangeman Michael Carter-Williams holds the school record for steals in a season (111) and earlier this year helped his team advance to the Big East Championship and the NCAA Final Four. The 11th overall NBA draft pick for 2013 used the combination of social media posts, blogs and photos in the Draft Dreams app to keep up to speed on six other athletes entering the draft. He says his Instagram (@Mr_Carter5) is a fun way to show fans what he's up to, especially during training. His background picture, though, is a nod to his mom, Mandy Carter-Zegarowski. Carter-Williams' award: Best background to make Mom happy


Dexter Fowler

Rockies centerfielder Fowler may be a pro ballplayer, but his home screen is an even mix of business and pleasure. The MLB At Bat app helps him keep tabs on the competition. And though he's anything but a Slacker, he uses the music app to listen to custom stations -- probably useful when he needs some time to himself during long trips with the team. Other apps to pass the time: Thirteen, Dominoes, and Stumble Upon, which helps find website you'll like based on your interests. Fowler is also a basketball fan -- hence the NBA Game Time app in the top row. His app collection is scarce, but check out his background. We bet Fowler is never glued to his phone when she's around. Fowler’s award: Best use of smartphone as sidekick


Jimmy Chin

Chin lives and works off his phone. "It's fun to share what I am working on and shooting," Chin says. "I use Instagram (@jimmy_chin) as my main photo-sharing app, but love playing with photos in Snapseed before dropping them online. It's a good way for me to be able to take my passion for photography with me throughout the day. I also have The North Face Snow Report app up front in the winter because I always need to know what kind of snowfall all the ski areas are getting so I know what my friends are up to. Usually, I just get FOMO (fear of missing out) from checking it. Most of my other home page apps are pretty straightforward and basic. Just the ones I use a lot. Now the second page gets a bit more interesting…." Second page? You forgot to send it! Jimmmmy! Chin's award: Most epic wallpaper


Ryan Hunter-Reay

Hunter-Reay, who won the 2012 IndyCar season championship, lives in Florida and is an avid sport fisherman when he isn’t competing on the track. His favorite app: Pro Angler FL, which he uses to gather up-to-the-minute intel on where the fish are biting. He also deploys his weather app collection to keep tabs on the conditions before heading out in the boat -- and also to track weather leading up to each of his races. Hunter-Reay, who races for Andretti Autosport, lost his mother to colon cancer in 2009, and helps raise awareness of the disease both as an ambassador for Racing for Cancer and as an envoy for the Livestrong Foundation. Follow him with the IndyCar 13 app ... (Read the Men's Health special report How Mobile Apps Will Revolutionize Health Care, then download our picks for The Best Mobile Health Apps.) Hunter-Reay’s award: Most equally behind on both emails and text messages


Tanner Foust

Tanner, an X Games gold medalist, jets around the world to race in the Global Rallycross Championship, execute death-defying stunts for television and film, and of course host the U.S. version of Top Gear. Naturally, his home screen is peppered with travel and scheduling apps. Dig deeper, however, and you'll see a real estate mogul in the making, a social media maven, and -- if you peek around all the tiles -- a proud dad. Foust's award: Most-likely-to-succeed app collection


BJ Gaddour

Gaddour is a metabolic training expert and creator of Men's Health's DeltaFit Speed Shred DVD series. He’s also CEO of StreamFit.com, a streaming workout video site. His current favorite fitness app: Tabata Pro, a timer that keeps track of work and rest time during a gym session. It also plugs in to an external display so Gaddour can use it as a large countdown clock when he films videos for StreamFit.com—a huge bonus for a guy who often forgets to wear his contacts. However, there's one crucial thing the fitness pro wishes he could add to his iPhone: a waterproof app. “My nickname is the Prince of Perspiration,” Gaddour says. “I've seen my reflection in a pool of my sweat after a good workout.” We hear you, BJ -- try the Lifeproof iPhone case. Mil-spec, waterproof: lifeproof.com. Gaddour’s award: Sweatiest iPhone on earth

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