On paper, Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez's legacies should be that of baseball superstars. Braun is a five-time All-Star and NL MVP Award winner who has 211 home runs, 681 RBI and 1,156 hits before his 30th birthday. Rodriguez has 14 All-Star appearances, three AL MVP Awards, five AL home run crowns, 647 home runs, 1,950 RBI and 2,901 hits.

Off paper, both will never get the appreciation those statistics deserve. Both are currently among a loaded group of MLB players involved in the ongoing Biogenesis Scandal. Braun has already been suspended for the remainder of this season. Rodriguez, who admitted to steroid use once in 2009, has an apparent punishment looming.

Braun and Rodriguez can shift their names from Hall of Fame ballots to another list. The duo can be found on the MLB All-PED Team.

The following is ThePostGame's 25-man roster of the best stars to use PEDs. To qualify, players must have either admitted to PED use or been suspended for violating MLB's policy against performance-enhancing drug use. Many of the names linked to this issue like Roger Clemens cannot be included on this team, based on that criteria.

Lineup Card:

1. Braun
2. Rodriguez
3. Bonds
4. McGwire
5. Ramirez
6. Canseco
7. Caminiti
8. Santiago
9. Knoblauch

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