With LeBron James dominating the NBA regular season and playoffs once again, there's no question as to who is the league's best player. But many are still wondering who should be included in the NBA version of the "Justice League." Who will take their talents to Gotham City? Whose kryptonite is the city of Los Angeles?

Today we define, once and for all, who are the NBA's real superheroes.

The NBA's 'Justice League' Slideshow


NBA's Superheroes

The NBA is a league of stars. With so many different personalities and talents, some of these superhero comparisons were easy... and then some got complicated.


Superman: Dwight Howard

Even with an injured back, Howard was still the most dominant big man in the the NBA. The free agent center proved he was Superman in the Slam Dunk Contest in 2008 and continues to play hard and silence critics. Even in 2013, during his “off year,” he averaged 17 points per game and led the league in rebounding.


Batman: LeBron James

A hero with some and a villain with others, there is no question who the best basketball player in the world is after "The Dark Knight" led the Heat to three consecutive Finals appearances and back-to-back NBA titles. The four-time MVP can do it all, making every player around him better.


Flash: Dwyane Wade

Wade’s athleticism helped him earn this nickname from the beginning of his career, and with three rings and four finals appearances he has cleared expectations. Despite questions of heart and age, Wade always seems to have those games where he quiets the critics and returns to his old self.


Green Lantern: Kobe Bryant

With five rings and a championship pedigree no one else in the NBA has, Bryant is the Green Lantern. Wielding his ring, Bryant has the ability to take over any game he wants with his unparalleled passion for winning.


Aquaman: Carmelo Anthony

King of Madison Square Garden, Anthony has been one of the best scorers this league has ever seen. Unfortunately, Melo has never been able to make it over the hump, which has been his biggest criticism.


Martian Manhunter: Kevin Durant

Like Manhunter, Durant is a physical specimen the likes of which the league has never seen. With the ability to score at will from any point on the court, the best player in the Western Conference is still young and has many years of greatness in the league.


Honorable Mention: Wonder Woman: Blake Griffin

Putting gender aside, Griffin and Wonder Woman have a lot in common. The Los Angeles Clippers forward is one of the most physically gifted players the league has ever seen, and he has struck his fair share of power poses over the past few years. Griffin's only weakness is his range, and once he becomes more mobile outside of the paint, no one will be able to stop him.

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