Sure, he may have worn out his welcome in New York City (and it seems like he didn't care much for the Big Apple either.) But thanks to his widespread charity work, college career at Florida and more, there are still many fans who have cheered on Tim Tebow even during his disastrous 2012 season.

Now that he's heading up to New England, here's some fans who will be very happy to see Tebow at least stalking the sidelines or taking some turns on special teams in 2013.

Fans Who Still Believe In Tim Tebow Slideshow


People In Jacksonville

You can always go home again -- at least to your fans. Though a Jaguars-Tebow deal didn't land when he was leaving the Broncos, it didn't stop many fans there from cheering on the Florida grad when the Jets visited last year -- and starting petitions to bring Tebow Time to their squad.


Some Jets Fans

Let's be honest, last year wasn't a banner year for any New York Jets quarterback. A rarely used alternative seemed like a good one for some fans (who may have not read reports about how practices were going ...)


Less Experienced Jets Fans

... such as those young fans who support their favorite stars without question.


People At The University Of Florida

Fans of the Florida Gators held up signs and pictures of Tebow during play against the Marquette Golden Eagles in November 2012.


Some Bills Fans

Six wins last season left some in Buffalo looking for a savior.


All The Single Ladies

Or at least these ones in Buffalo who froze to ask the QB a very special question.


People From His Foundation

Tebow, here with participants in his W15h Foundation, has a well-earned group of unconditional fans for life.


And Those Whose Day He Made A Little Brighter

A quick visit to a fan on the sideline was nothing out of the ordinary for Tebow, even during the toughest times of the season.


Jeremy Lin

When Tebow was named to Time Magazine's list of most influential people, Jeremy Lin wrote the entry for the magazine. "Watching Tim Tebow play football, you can observe many things about his character," he said. "You see the fierce competitiveness, his strong work ethic, and how he is a leader that his teammates trust and respect." (No word if last season diminished that belief ... )

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