37,000 hot dogs, 13,700 soft pretzels, 7,800 bags of peanuts, 15,000 pounds of French Fries, 250 pounds of ice cream and 7,000 pounds of pastrami.

Those are just some of the numbers regarding how much ballpark food ARAMARK expects to serve at Citi Field during the All-Star Game.

On Wednesday, ARAMARK, the exclusive food and beverage partner of Citi Field and 10 other Major League Baseball teams, displayed those numbers at its "Culinary All-Stars" event. The showcase, held in the Caesars Club at Citi Field, provided guests with the opportunity to taste some of the unique items that will be on the stadium's menus during the All-Star Game.

Some products are available all season long and some just for the All-Star Game. Some are available at multiple spots in the stadium and some at specific locations. Some have an international or American flare and some are distinctly New York-flavored.

Many of the options on display go beyond stereotypical ballpark foods, an aspect ARAMARK Executive Chef Robert Flowers takes pride in.

"We want to show it's no longer about a cold hot dog and flat beer," he says. "We have some great options here and we want to be the number one food and beverage operation in all of MLB."

The food business at Citi Field can be a grind with the Mets in a bit of a downswing, but the All-Star Game will give Flowers and his crew a chance to show themselves off. So far, they have only had a few chances.

"When Harvey pitched for the first time, we sold about double the food we normally do," Flowers says.

The All-Star Game is a guaranteed sell-out, plus some more. ThePostGame had the pleasure of experiencing what makes up Citi Field's "Culinary All-Stars."

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