37,000 hot dogs, 13,700 soft pretzels, 7,800 bags of peanuts, 15,000 pounds of French Fries, 250 pounds of ice cream and 7,000 pounds of pastrami.

Those are just some of the numbers regarding how much ballpark food ARAMARK expects to serve at Citi Field during the All-Star Game.

On Wednesday, ARAMARK, the exclusive food and beverage partner of Citi Field and 10 other Major League Baseball teams, displayed those numbers at its "Culinary All-Stars" event. The showcase, held in the Caesars Club at Citi Field, provided guests with the opportunity to taste some of the unique items that will be on the stadium's menus during the All-Star Game.

Some products are available all season long and some just for the All-Star Game. Some are available at multiple spots in the stadium and some at specific locations. Some have an international or American flare and some are distinctly New York-flavored.

Many of the options on display go beyond stereotypical ballpark foods, an aspect ARAMARK Executive Chef Robert Flowers takes pride in.

"We want to show it's no longer about a cold hot dog and flat beer," he says. "We have some great options here and we want to be the number one food and beverage operation in all of MLB."

The food business at Citi Field can be a grind with the Mets in a bit of a downswing, but the All-Star Game will give Flowers and his crew a chance to show themselves off. So far, they have only had a few chances.

"When Harvey pitched for the first time, we sold about double the food we normally do," Flowers says.

The All-Star Game is a guaranteed sell-out, plus some more. ThePostGame had the pleasure of experiencing what makes up Citi Field's "Culinary All-Stars."

Citi Field Culinary MLB All-Stars Slideshow


The All-Star Slice (Two Boots Pizza)

Two Boots Pizza prides itself on a mix of Italy and Louisiana with a local twist. In Queens, Two Boots' "All-Star Slice" features spiced shrimp, crawfish, andouille and jalapeño pesto on grandma crust. The jalapeno pesto gives the already spicy slice an extra kick. At Citi Field, Two Boots also gets creative with the "Grandma Joan" (organic San Marzano plum tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and parmigiana), the Meet the Mets (Creole Chicken, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, jalapeños, ricotta and mozzarella) and meatball sliders on garlic knots. Special slices cost $6 at the game.


Antipasto (Mama's Corona)

Mama's of Corona, also known as Leo's Latticini, is going 13 years strong in the Mets organization, making the move with the team from Shea Stadium to Citi Field. It may sound simple, but the antipasto is nothing to sleep on. Lettuce, olives, peppers and artichokes give it a fresh feel, while Italian meats and cheeses provide the protein. "We're trying to keep it local. Our roots are here," says Irene DeBenedittis, one of three sisters who own the establishment in nearby Corona. Mama's of Corona will also serve the "Mama's Italian Special Hero," which includes pepper ham, salami, mozzarella, mushrooms and peppers.


Chicken Pipian and Vegetarian Tacos (El Verano Taqueria)

For a Mexican flare, El Verano Taqueria provides two flavorful meat and vegetarian options. For those that go for the dish, do not forget the salsa. El Verano Taqueria does a superb job keeping the salsa between chunky and a liquid. On game day, barbacoa, carnitas and steak will also be available for tacos. Starting this season, the menu includes a 'Sides & Sweets' section, which boasts chips and guacamole, churros and corn on the cob.


Mango Chile Frozen Margarita (Cantina)

With New York weather hovering around the 90s this week, the margarita may be poised for a big All-Star Game. The mango flavor gives the margarita a refreshing, fruity touch. As for the consistency, the drink does not come out frozen, but it still packs bits of icy pieces into each sip. The lime can also be a useful tool. Cantina is also known for its daiquiris and sangrias.


Beef Brisket Slider with Pit Beans (Blue Smoke)

This is the classic barbecue option at the ballpark. The brisket is chopped with Spicy Kansas City Sauce, whether Billy Butler is in the Home Run Derby or not. The pit beans come with pulled pork, as the strips fit between beans. Other menu items, Kansas City spare ribs, North Carolina pulled pork, Memphis-style all-beef bologna and fried chicken sandwiches will make visiting fans feel at home.


Grilled Shrimp Po Boy and Lobster Roll (Catch of the Day)

This is where Citi Field shows off its waterfront location. The Grilled Shrimp Po Boy packs a crunch of Cajun marinated gulf shrimp, carrot jicama slaw, hot cherry peppers and grain mustard on a ciabatta roll. The Lobster Roll is softer, and includes poached Maine lobster salad on a toasted split top bun. Squeeze lemon on the roll for sour bites. Catch of the Day features other fresh and local seafood, as well as arguably the best lemonade in the stadium.


'Batter Up' Fried Chicken and Warm Pizzelle & Maple Butter (Acela Club)

This may be the most gourmet serving of Chicken & Waffles available in New York. The fried chicken does not overdo the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb layer provides a crispy bite, but the pieces are full of juicy meat. The meat comes right off the bone and mixes well with the buttered waffles.


LaFrieda Steak Sandwich (Pat LaFrieda's)

With 100 percent black angus, hand-cut beef, Vermont Monterey jack cheese, sautéed sweet Vidalia onions and beef au jus on a toasted French baguette, this steak sandwich is no can of corn to eat. Those who can finish it deserve a pat on the back. Flowers calls it his favorite dish at the ballpark. "The meat is phenomenal and the au jus is great. I love it," he says.


Colorado Frenched Lamb Chops (Pat LaFrieda's)

For those with an appetite who are willing to taking fatty bites, the lamb chops, topped with mustard and herb crust, may be the way to go. Do not take the fattiness lightly, though. These lamb chops are full of fat (not to say they do not taste great). Pat LaFrieda's is also a Citi Field hotspot thanks to its Grandpa's Sweet Italian Sausage and Ricotta Crostini.


ShackBurger (Shake Shack)

Despite all the unique options for the All-Star Game, there may be no better meal than a ShackBurger, which of course is made with "ShackSauce." Yankee Stadium has Johnny Rockets, but Citi Field may have gotten the longer end of the burger joint stick with Shake Shack. Concessions Manager Rafael Torres hypothesizes the ShackBurger is the most popular item during games. Flat-top dogs and frozen custard also make Shake Shack an attraction. The double cheeseburger from Brooklyn Burger will compete as the top burger in the ballpark on game day. ARAMARK expects 12,500 burgers to be served during the All-Star Game.


Thick-Cut Idaho Fries and Sweet Frites and Specialty Sauces (Box Frites)

Many establishments will serve fries during the All-Star Game (Aramark expects to serve 15,000 pounds of French Fries), but Box Frites may give the most distinct option. Its three specialty sauces include pesto (tangy mayonnaise blended with garlic, basil & parmesan), buffalo bleu cheese (bleu cheese spiked with red hot sauce) and smoky bacon (creamy mayonnaise with lots of bacon). Lazy eaters, the buffalo bleu cheese is your chance to taste the perfect split of hot sauce and bleu cheese without the hassle of mixing. Box Frites' BLT dog is also a fan favorite.


Assorted Sushi and Sashimi (Daruma of Tokyo)

Daruma brings all sorts of sushi from the simple to the creative. The California rolls are great, but if you want to get the full experience, get larger rolls. Daruma is known for packing its rolls with chunks of fish, rather than cut up pieces. The United Roll is an innocent, but challenging bite. It includes crab and shrimp inside soybean paper with crunchy lobster on top. Expect a lot of orange and blue during All-Star week.


All-Star Meatball Hero (Citi Field)

The signature sandwich at this year's All-Star Game, the All-Star Meatball Hero, has made its way to Citi Field after centuries in Sicily. According to Chef Flowers, the marinara sauce (Italian gravy) recipe is 300 years old and was given to him through his wife. "We [at ARAMARK] sat down and wanted to come up with a signature dish. Something that was not going to be pretentious, but could be reproduced with a story. I had this and it worked," he says. The secret to the marina sauce: pork jowls. Flowers says this is what makes the dish different, as the meatballs are simmered in it for three hours. Unless ARAMARK can find a way to recreate the hero in high volumes after the All-Star Game, it will not be available during the second half of the season. Game day price is $12.


The New Yawkah Sandwich (Citi Field)

The pride of Citi Field, this is the dish that will show New York off to the world. Chefs put corned beef, sweet potato fries, bacon, pickles, slaw and Thousand Island dressing on a pretzel roll. The corned beef provides the hearty meat, the sweet potatoes the fried taste the bacon the spice, the pickles the crunch, the slaw the coolness and the dressing the wet texture. Cap it off with the salty pretzel roll and it is New York deli heaven. Game day price is $12.


Major League Grilled Cheese (Citi Field)

The old grilled cheese sandwich enters a new chapter thanks to Citi Field's additions. The Major League Grilled Cheese includes bacon, Swish, Cheddar and the defining ingredient: Gouda. The Gouda Cheese can make this sandwich an addiction. Also, an underrated factor: the panini-pressed bread makes the grilled cheese crunchy and easy to eat.


Citi Field Loaded Tater Tots (Citi Field)

A simple recipe of fried tater tots with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon bits and scallions makes this a desirable side. Cheddar, bacon and potatoes are a common trio, but the addition of scallions gives the flavor an added punch. The tater tots go great with the New Yawkah or the Major League Grilled Cheese.


Trio of Mac and Cheeses (Citi Field)

With three chances to find one's mac and cheese niche, it takes an overly picky eater to strike out. The pancetta option mixes meat and cheese, while the lobster choice gives a fishy taste to the cheesy pasta. For those feeling old school, the traditional mac and cheese is a solid option, especially since most of the liquid cheese sinks to the bottom.


Thyme Seared Long Island Striped Bass (Citi Field)

Another reminder of Citi Field's proximity to the Long Island Sound, this fish is seared enough to give it a crisp texture, but not to the point it is burnt. Shallots and a lemon vinaigrette make it a satisfying and healthy choice.


Chef Carved Grilled Black Angus Skirt Steak (Citi Field)

The signature steak sauce is flavorful, but the important ingredient here is a horseradish cream. It is the difference from your average skirt steak to an All-Star Game skirt steak. The sides of German Fried Potatoes and creamed spinach also make this a strong dish.


Pastrami Dog (Nathan's)

Nathan's was founded in Brooklyn, so it understands how to show off New York. The Pastrami Dog is a normal All Beef Hot Dog with Deli Mustard, but it is smothered in chopped pastrami. The Queens faithful challenge the country's most fearless meat eaters to try this at the ballpark. "I want to see a lot of people enjoying hot dogs when they come here," Torres says about All-Star Game visitors. ARAMARK hopes so. The company expects to serve 37,000 hot dogs on game day. Also, do not sleep on the traditional pastrami sandwich on rye (Citi Field), which Torres says has "a great texture." Aramark expects to sell 7,000 pounds of pastrami on game day.


Gluten Free Sausage With Peppers and Onions (Premio)

For the healthy eaters, Citi Field has an underrated alternative. Premio serves a round sausage on a bun with peppers and onions. Even traditional meat eaters will find this meat flavorful with spicy peppers and onions. For vegetarians, the veggie burger and veggie dog from Yves are strong choices.


Cannolis (Mama's of Corona)

Yankees fans may say they do not think of the crosstown Mets as rivals, but this can make the Evil Empire a bit testy. The Bronx's Little Italy is the unwritten American home of the cannoli. DeBenedittis begs to differ. "Our cannolis are a taste of real Italy," she says. "Corona is a very diverse neighborhood now, but we still have customers who go away and come back." Little Italy or not, the cannolis are compact and creamy. Forget the borough. This is a true taste of Italian New York across the city.


Raspberry Cheesecake Doughnuts (Acela Club)

The secret to these pastries is the white chocolate dipping sauce. Tame the sugar covering with the sauce. Put dough, sugar and white chocolate in your mouth and your tongue should be just fine.


Assorted Cupcakes (Citi Field)

This sounds boring, but hold on a second. For those going to the All-Star Game, do not miss the lavender blueberry cupcakes. They have absolutely no relation to Mets colors, but their taste is something special. The lavender frosting and blueberry on top turn these cupcakes into mini sour bites.

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