Jersey? Check.

Shoes? Check.

Daughter? Check.

San Francisco Giants infielder Brandon Crawford recently posted an adorable photo of his daughter, Braylyn, sitting in Crawford's locker at AT&T Park among his other belongings. The 6-month old is wearing a Giants hat and looking absolutely precious.

This image inspired us to gather more wonderful and cute photos of athletes' children in and around sports gear.

Athletes And Their Babies In Sports Settings Slideshow


P.J. Rose

Bulls superstar Derrick Rose tweets this photo of his son, P.J., shortly after he was born.


Baylen Brees

Drew Brees and his son produce some memorable images after the elder Brees was named MVP of Super Bowl XLIV.


Camden Cutler

This adorable image of Jay Cutler's son comes from Camden's mom, Kristin Cavallari.


Caleb Watson

Bubba Watson's wife, Angie, tweets this photo of her son rushing over to the TV when he hears his dad's voice. "One of the sweetest things I've experienced as a mom," Angie writes.


Gracie Carr

David Carr, the Giants' backup quarterback, cradles his young daughter after New York defeat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Hat tip to Business Insider for this photo.


Jayton Stuckie

Darrell Stuckey, the San Diego Chargers linebacker, recently tweeted this wonderful photo of his son in a new Chargers helmet.


Baby Birdman

OK, this isn't actually Birdman's son (although it could be). But this photo of Lazaro "Baby Birdman" Pereira is just too good to be left out of this slideshow.

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