If you were born at Mass General Hospital or attended one of the 45 colleges in a 15-mile radius, you became a Boston sports fan.

Maybe it was one bite of a Fenway Frank, yelling "Chief" at the top of your lungs in the Boston Garden, or a grandmother who taught you about the Cooz and Bill Russell. Your "like" grew into "love" and soon the Pats, Sox, Celts and Bruins turned into your life.

15 Signs You Are Boston Sports Fan Slideshow


You have a buddy who is a 'scalpaah'

There is a middle-aged man on Commonwealth Avenue with the name "Sully." He can get you partially obstructed seats at Fenway before the first pitch at face value. He has your work ... and cell number.


You have no friends from New York

The rivalries with Yankees and Knicks are too intense. Not to mention, when a Mets fan mentions the name "Buckner" you cringe.


Your favorite movie is 'Good Will Hunting'

Not because Gus Van Sant created a masterpiece with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, but because you love the eternal question whether it was "ethical" that Robin Williams' character, Sean, missed Pudge Fisk's home run in the 12th inning of the 1975 World Series to "go see about a girl."


Your in-laws work at Fenway

Do you have a cousin who runs security at Gate C? If you know someone who can get you in without a ticket after the third inning, you are wicked hooked up.


Bill Simmons is your idol

Bookshelved between Mike Wilbon and Jalen Rose, you believe the "Sports Guy" looks completely natural on ESPN's NBA pre-game show.


You own 'parade clothes'

Since 2002, every major sports team from the Commonwealth has a championship. Your green beads, leprechaun hat and Tedy Bruschi jersey are on your desk chair 365 days a year.


You prefer 'sports bars' over a frozen yogurt

The legendary Hood ice ceam is an ingenious combination of chocolate, vanilla, chocolate. Your 4th grade birthday, in fact, did not have birthday cake but sports bars.


Larry Bird Night was better than Prom Night

Seeing Magic Johnson in a Celtics practice shirt brought tears of joy to your eyes.


'Sweet Caroline' played at your wedding

Neil Diamond's epic soft rock song is played at every Red Sox home game, and on your most important day.


You bought Garden Parquet for $50

When the "real" Garden was demolished, you wanted a memory from Boston's finest establishment. You couldn't afford the seats, so you purchased parquet dust swept up by the legendary Spider.


Your favorite Boston cultural institution is the Sports Museum

Forget the Museum of Science or the Tea Party Boat, as a kid you went to the Galleria in Cambridge for the New England Sports Musuem. Taking pictures next to the lifesize replicas of Bobby Orr and Carl Yastrzemski was like Walt Disney World in your backyard.


You know all the Bruins' numbers - past and present.

Esposito, Neely and Jagr. Easy.


Johnny Most was God's Voice. May he rest in peace.

No other broadcaster in any sport comes close to Most. You mourn the raspy, authentic and animated accent from one of Boston's finest so much that when Jeff Van Gundy covers a Celtics game, you put your TV on mute.


Bill Belicheck is Obi-Wan Kenobi (not Darth Vader).

Despite the allegations of cheating against other teams and manipulating the media, you remain loyal to the coach with the best hoodie sweater vest in the NFL.


Evening of Oct. 27, 2004, remains a lucid dream.

When the Red Sox won the World Series after an 86-year drought, your world stood still. You remember who you were with and where you were. But you don't remember the rest of the evening.

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