College All-Americans swagged out in designer suits sit alongside mystified foreign prospects who've just visited Times Square for the first time. David Stern stands at the podium, leading the procession like it's his bar mitzvah. Each player goes up to the stage, then bends down awkwardly to shake hands and take pictures with the 5-7 commissioner. Throw in Jay Bilas' rants about wingspan, the last-second trades, Stern trying to pronounce "Giannis Antetokounmpo," the fans feverishly booing Stern before he announces each pick (and his sick pleasure of trolling fans for more boos), how could you not love the NBA draft?

But the draft is just two rounds. Only 60 players get to see their name go up on the big board every year. What happens to the players who waited and waited and never heard their name called? Most of them fade into obscurity, playing a few seasons overseas or in the D-League before giving up and settling down as a real estate agent. But a select few use this public snubbing as motivation, and eventually scratch and crawl their way into the NBA. Here are those players:

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